‘Million March’: UJC Castigates Omar Abdullah

KL Report


Castigating Chief Minister Omar Abdullah for advising London based Kashmiri’s to organize ‘Million March’ in Kashmir, United Jihad Council, an amalgam of militant organization, Wednesday said that Omar Abdullah has cracked a big joke as everybody knows how his government disallows freedom lovers to held marches in valley.

UJC spokesperson Salim Hashmi told CNS on phone that it is the right of every Kashmiri to raise his voice in every nook and corner of the globe. “Any Kashmiri whether living in US, UK, Canada or any other part of the globe can demonstrate against India. Why Omar Abdullah is feeling pain by this Million March. Before issuing statement against this March, he should ask himself, how many times his government allows separatist leaders to hold peaceful marches in Kashmir,” Hashmi said adding that Omar Abdullah should not bother about what people of Kashmir are doing in any foreign country.


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