MIM cautions against separate home land for Pandits

KL Report


Majlis Itihad-e-Millat (MIM), an umbrella of various socio-religious organizations, Thursday opposed any move by the government to provide separate homeland to Kashmiri Pandits within the valley and said that such measure can spark wide spread protests all across Kashmir Valley.

Addressing a press conference in Srinagar, MIM president Mufti Bashir-Ud-Din said that Kashmir people welcome the return of Pandits to their roots since they are sons of the soil and integral part of Kashmiri society. He said Kashmir is incomplete without the Kashmiri Pandits and they are welcome to return back to their roots. However, he said any attempt to settle the Kashmiri Pandits at a separate homeland will be resisted.

Mufti Bashir-u-Din according to CNS said that separate homeland will divide the Kashmiri community who are living together from centuries. He said, adding let the Kashmiri Pandits return and live along with their Muslim brethren and they will feel safe and secure as they used to feel before they were pushed out by then Governor Jagmohan.

“Pandits are an important part of the Kashmiri society. Those Pandits, who were pressurized to leave the Valley in 1990 under a sinister conspiracy, have every right to settle at their ancestral places or in any area along with their Muslim brothers and they will be welcomed to live here as the common citizens,” he said adding that any plan by the Central government to create separate settlements in Kashmir for the Pandit community would have dangerous repercussions.

Pertinently, MIM was formed in 2007 and it has representatives from various socio-religious organizations including Jamat-e-Islami, Jamiat-e-Ahli Hadees and Anjuman-e-Shari Shian, Islamic Study Circle, Dawat-ul-Haq and Nadwat-ul-Ulma.


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