Ministry Announces Registration and Quota Allocation for Hajj Group Organisers


SRINAGAR: In accordance with the Ministry’s Circular issued under Number No.HAJ-20/28/2022-HAJ-MoMA dated March 14, 2023, the registration and allocation of quota for the Haj Group Organisers (HGOs) for Hajj 2023 has been completed. A total of 810 applications were received by the Ministry, categorized into two groups: 244 in category-1 and 566 in category-2.

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The Ministry thoroughly examined these applications based on the provisions outlined in the policy for Hajj Group Organizers for Hajj 2023, taking into account the submitted documents and information. Subsequent clarifications and replies from the HGOs were also considered in the scrutiny process.

Following the scrutiny, it has been determined that 171 HGOs in category-1 and 340 HGOs in category-2 are eligible for registration for Hajj 2023. This announcement was made on May 5, 2023.

However, after an intervention by the Honourable High Court of New Delhi, the Ministry was directed to communicate the reasons for disqualifications to the concerned HGOs. This ensures transparency and allows the affected parties to understand the basis for their disqualification.

The Ministry has now released the list of eligible HGOs in the UT of Jammu and Kashmir who have been found eligible for Hajj 2023. These HGOs have also been allotted the respective Haj quota as per the government order dated May 16, 2023. The list includes the following HGOs: JK02432623 – LABAIKA HAJ & UMRAH SERVICES with a quota of 50, JK02418423 – AL HAYAT HAJJ AND OMRAH with a quota of 50, JK02354423 – AL GHAZALI TOUR & TRAVELS with a quota of 50, JK02362323 – NISSAR JAN WANI (Prop. Bahreen Travels) with a quota of 50, JK02352823 – RAJ BABA TOUR AND TRAVELS with a quota of 50, JK02427623 – MOHAMMAD ABAS PANDIT with a quota of 50, JK02346123 – AL SAFEER TOUR AND TRAVELS with a quota of 50, and JK02439323 – ALHUDA TRAVELS with a quota of 50.

These HGOs have successfully met the criteria and requirements set by the Ministry, and they have been granted the opportunity to facilitate the Hajj pilgrimage for a specified number of individuals.


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