Mirwaiz Qazi Yasir greets people on Dastageer Sahib Urs

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The Chairman of Ummat e Islami Jammu Kashmir and Mirwaiz South Kashmir Qazi Ahmed Yasir Monday greeted people on the Urs of Hazrat Sheikh Syed Abdul Qadir Jeelani (RA) and said that everyone should celebrate this Urs and follow teachings of such holy figures, despite of what caste, sect or religion they come from, as Awliyas like him have taught us how to be better human beings.

Qazi Yasir

While addressing various mosques in South Kashmir, Mirwaiz Yasir also said that people of Kashmir must follow religious teachings so that the prevalent hatred against each other should end. “We must not forget that in summer uprising all of us lost something. Many were killed, injured, blinded, huge economic and educational losses and as Muslims it is our collective duty to help people in healing these wounds and become stronger as a society, promoting brotherhood and collective growth of our habitat,” he said.

Mirwaiz Yasir according to statement also highlighted the role of Awliya and said that it is the Awliyas who have knitted the threads of our rich cultural heritage and taught us to care for each other, like our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw) did for everyone around him. He said that whether it is a Muslim in Kashmir or anywhere else, similarly the Awliyas bar s

“They always promoted the intra-faith and inter-faith dialogue, which has existed in Kashmir since centuries. The Awliyas preached the lessons of peace, care and tolerance. These teachings are for whole human kind and not just for Muslims only in Kashmir. We should think of us as a global village where in all Muslims must walk the path of beloved Prophet (saw),” he said.



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