Mirwaiz says rising incidents of child abandonment mostly girls extremely worrisome



Hurriyat (M) chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq on Thursday in his message on International Womens’ Day said that it’s a day to introspect that has the condition of our girls and women who an equal part of our society, improved over the years.

Mirwaiz in a statement said despite Kashmir being a Muslim majority state and despite the clear guidance in Quran regarding the equal status and rights of women, yet the abominable practice of female foeticide and abandonment of girl child is still prevalent.

Mirwaiz said the rising incidents of child abandonment mostly girls that we have seen in the last few days is extremely worrisome.

“Domestic violence and workplace harassment are other forms of oppression against women that us rampant .while the most Despicable Crime against women, Rape continues,” said Mirwaiz.

Mirwaiz said that “the repercussions and effects of the conflict on our women who have been rendered half widows, widows or orphans. and whose chastity has also many a times been violated as a war weapon by the forces.”

Mirwaiz said that “as individuals and society it is imperative upon us that we realise these things, educate yourself and rise to the occasion, to support and stand for our women and give them their due.”

Mirwaiz said as far as our women are concerned, the resilience and grit that they have shown and the way they are battling all odds and yet moving forward is salutary and commendable.


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