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Chairman of his faction of Hurriyat Conference, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq Sunday thanked Pakistan for support.

“Thankful to entire leadership of Pakistan for their unconditional and unflinching support to the Kashmiri people’s political movement of right to dignity and self-determination, at all levels ,be it diplomatic political and moral, “ said Mirwaiz while appreciating the government of Pakistan and its leadership who he says “for the past seven decades, despite difficult and testing times for the country itself, have always extended all possible support to our political movement for the resolution of Kashmir dispute in accordance with our aspirations and to end uncertainty and discord in the region.”

Mirwaiz further said that “the people of Kashmir have for a long time now been battling hardships and oppression for their just cause and the continued help and support extended to us by Pakistan in such difficult and trying circumstances has greatly added to the people’s strength and determination to carry forward their just political struggle.”

He said that Pakistan being one of the main parties to Kashmir dispute it has always played a leading role in helping Kashmir’s resistance movement by providing every possible political and diplomatic support both regionally as well as at the international level.

Mirwaiz said the resolution of the Kashmir dispute lay in either the implementation of the United Nations’ resolutions or through the alternative route of dialogue among New Delhi, Islamabad and Kashmiris. “And unless this dispute is addressed Kashmir will continue to bleed and hostility between India and Pakistan will continue which at any point can take a turn for the worse as both are nuclear powers.”
Mirwaiz said “New Delhi’s obduracy and inflexibility over the resolution of the dispute while ignoring the ground realities and political actualities of Kashmir is prolonging our suffering and the dangerous situation in the subcontinent.”

He further said that the Indian leadership cannot always remain in denial of the reality of Kashmir nor can it forever suppress the just demands of the people and persecute them. He said it is time that GOI address the issue and take practical steps to initiate meaningful transparent and result-orientated dialogue both with Islamabad as well as people of Kashmir and end the environment of confrontation of close to a quarter of a century in the region the maximum brunt of which is being borne by the people of J&K


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