MLA Devsar Slaps Cop

KL Report


A police head constable was slapped by Peoples Democratic leader in South Kashmir’s Islamabad town when he objected to the wrong parking made by the son of the politician.

CNS reporter present on spot informed that the son of MLA Devsar parked his vehicle at wrong place in main town to which police head constable Abdul Rehman (Belt number 618 A) stationed in police station General Bus Stand objected and asked the driver to park it at right place.

The son of the MLA argued and called his father on mobile who reached on spot and slapped the constable. Hundreds of people gathered around and witnessed the brawl between the politician and policeman. Traffic came to halt for half an hour.

One of the shopkeepers, Muhammad Abbas who was present there told CNS that the said head constable is known for his honesty in the town and he felt sorry for him when MLA Devsar slapped him.

Head Constable Abdul Rehman denied that the politician slapped him. “I object to the wrong parking because it caused traffic jam and I don’t know where from MLA Devsar appeared. It is not true as he did not slap me,” he said.

When contacted, MLA Devsar and PDP leader ‘suggested’ CNS not to file this news report. “Don’t file it as it is related to my child,” he said.


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