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Mutahida Majlis Mashavarat(MMM) Sunday met with all its constituents present issued fresh week long protest calendar.

Monday: No Hartal. Protest after Evening Prayers

Tuesday: No Hartal, but employees are asked not to work for one hour as a mark of protest  in their respective offices

Wednesday: Civil Curfew in Jammu and Kashmir

Thursday: Kashmiris living outside and other people who consider this as human issue  are are asked to protest in front of High Commisioners office at their respective places.

Friday: No Hartal. Imams of Local Mosques are asked to organize special prayers and recite Qanoot Nazla. Also they are asked to lead protests in their respective localities.

Saturday: College and University students are asked to protest in the compound of their respective colleges and universities. The students are advised to slogans  written on placards and banners. This is only for boys. For girls separate programme will be issued.

Sunday: No Hartal

During every kind of protest,  the slogans used should be Naeri Taqbeer Allah u Akbart, Hum Kya Chahte Azaadi, Shaheed Ke Ajsaad Wapas Karo.

Besides MMM also condemned the high handedness of government by using extreme force to crush the people and demanded mortal remains.


  1. Brother yasir, indian govt had left no other way to protest. I think it is time to unite n follow our leaders n give the final shape to our right to self determination

  2. Kuch samaj main nahin aaraha hai, ki yeh kya calender hai, waise kashmir main ek hafte main ek do din strike rehti hi hai, phir aise calender se indian govt pe kya asar padsakhta hai., Dont try to hoodwink us, plz; plz & plz spare us. Right from 2008, u h’ve dubed and offended us a lot, it is only due to your week policies that freedom still seems faar away from us, U should learn lesson from the residents of countries like Tunisia, Libia & Egypt, who revolutionised their countries only in a few months..

  3. such a calender vil not work kyoun ki ‘kuch paane k liye kuch khona padhta hai’…. i think MMM is corrupted….plzz Geelani sahab give us janvn calender….my only question to MMM is wat for those families who lost their sons few days beforep?

  4. i was expecting this nonsense ,our mmm cant think beyond it ,this is the caleder framed by indian agencies than freedom lovers,how does such stupid devoid of sense thing ll bother india,


  5. We request transworld media kindly convey our moral support to Gilani Sahib to review calander before repetation of 2010 mistake . This is a right time to think&differentiate good&bad for movement.

  6. Need of the hour. Geelani Sahab must step in and led from front. We have no faith on anybody else. Our problem, we forget quite easily and move on too quickly…what about those killed in last few days…dont their sacrifice matters…what about those arrested by the police…are we once again forgetting them and let them lot in jails across India ??? Who will get them out if not us??? Or are we waiting for oppressor to turn merciful ??? Change the calender and let us fight until our freedom has come…


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