MMU Concerned Over Immoral Activities Of Self Proclaimed Pir

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Muthaida- Majlis-e-Ulema (MMU) Ameer Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and prominent members of the forum including chairman Molvi Rahmatullah, Advocate Zahid Ali of Jamat Islami, Abdul Rehman Bhat General Secretary of Jamiat Ahi Hadees, Molana Abbas Ansar, Aga Syed Al Moosvi Aassfvi,  Molana Showkat Ahmed Keng, Mohtamims of Darul Uloom Qasmia and Bilalia and other important members of MMU in a joint statement have expressed serious concern and shock over the immoral activities carried out by the impostor “pir”- Gulzar Ahmad- of Chadoora Budgam under the garb of preaching Islam and Sunnah to people and students.

Terming the self proclaimed “Pir” (faith healer) as a quack, the MMU in a statement said quack Gulzar has committed a blasphemous act by misinterpreting Islamic values and teachings to bring innocent people closer to him so as to commit immoral and shameless acts.

The statement said that instead of getting indulged in these ignorant and fake faith healers, the Millat-e-Islamia of Kashmir should lives their lives according to Quran, Sunnah and by following the lives of prophets. The MMU said that the quacks like Gulzar have not only brought disrepute to the supreme religion of Islam, but innocent people too become sinful by following them. The body appealed the conscious people of the society to remain careful of these fake faith healers and expose them who are misleading the people by imparting them by twisting Islamic beliefs.

The MMU has demanded stern action against the fraud faith healer who was running the racket under the garb of providing Islamic education to innocent masses. He said the punishment should be so severe so that nobody even think of doing such shameless act again.

The MMU has also appealed to the print and electronic media to confirm the authenticity of People and organisations before putting out their statements and advertisements or otherwise people become easy prey to such fake, fraud and impostors.


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