Mobile Towers Not Illegal, Qasba Should Verify The Facts: GM BSNL

KL Reports


Reacting to the recent reports that most of the mobile towers in Srinagar are being ‘illegally’ erected, General Manager BSNL Wednesday said that the Commissioner of Srinagar Municipal Corporation should again verify the facts.

Talking to KNS), Mr. Koul said that the towers in Srinagar are only erected after the proper permission and that Telecom Service Providers first posses the license and then erect the towers in feasible areas. “The license permits the cellular companies to install towers.” Kaul further stated that the after the thorough visit of the area and identification of the spot , the mobile tower could be erected keeping in view the technical feasibility.

Kaul stated that the agreement is signed with the landlord only after his consent to allow his property for the installation of the tower. “We sign the agreement with the owner of the land and then install the tower. There is no question of anything illegal.”

When asked about the recent statement of G.N.Qasba Commissioner SMC that ‘most of the mobile towers in Srinagar are illegal’, Kaul said that he (Qasba) has to again verify the facts.

Claiming that there is no scientifically proven evidence that the mobile towers are hazardous to human health, Kaul said that there are many different theories emerging in the present time that reveal different things. “Personally I believe that there is no such credible theory that suggests ill effects of cell phone towers on human health. The phone through which I am talking to you is more affective to our health than the tower.”

Commenting over the complaints emerging from several areas that the lanline numbers have been changed without any intimidation from the department to the owner, Kaul said that the areas like Hazartbal, Hbaak, Zakura, Lal Bazar had the complaints of broadband and other related services and that the department has changed the exchange of these areas from Hari Parbat to NIT. “Certainly when the Exchange gets changed, the number of your landline gets changed automatically.” He further stated that the areas like Khaniyar and Rainawari have also been connected to New Exchange established at Rainawari



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