Modi Address Rally in Bilawar


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While congratulating the people of Jammu and Kashmir for voting enormously, the prime minister of India, Narendra Modi Tuesday addressed a rally in Bilawar, Kathua in Jammu where he was selling development cards again. He has appealed people, voting in the fifth phase, to vote for a majority Government

“In the Lok Sabha India got a majority Government. The same way, you elect a Government for the State with full majority and give all the 22 seats of this region to the BJP. I promise you to give opportunity to reap the dividends of development.”

While lashing out at Congress party, Modi has blamed them for Jammu’s Backwardness. “See how cleverly the Congress sneaks into the Government in the State. Congress is solely responsible for Jammu’s backwardness. Vote in a way that it could not get even a single vote. Never let Congress to repeat the same again. In past, it fought against both PDP and NC but after the election this party joined Government with ether of the two parties. This time the Congress must be taught a lesson,” he said.

Fifth and final phase of Assembly election in Jammu & Kashmir will be held on December 20. In all previous rallies, the Prime Minister sought people’s support over the issue of peace and development.


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