Modi failed to win hearts of people in J&K: Dr Farooq Abdullah



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Jammu and Kashmir National Conference President Dr Farooq Abdullah on Monday asserted that PM Modi’s undertaking on winning the hearts of Kashmiris was a lapsed speech saying that never have the people of the state, in particular, the Kashmiris seen such suppression as is rampant since Modi led government came to power in Delhi.

NC President Dr Farooq Abdullah, Vice president Omar Abdullah during an election rally in Srinagar.

Addressing a mammoth public meet at Sher e Kashmir park in Srinagar, the party president said, “PM Modi has been parroting that Kashmir is the ‘Atoot Ang’ of the country, then why didn’t he address any public meet here in Kashmir, what barred him from doing that? On one hand, he parrots about winning hearts and minds of Kashmiri, but there is a world of difference between his actions and statements. How can the heart be won by banning highways? This is not the way to won hearts?” he said.

While flaying BJP for it is of minorities, he said, “We don’t need BJP’s certificate on nationalism, it was a Kashmiri Saifu din Kitchloo who lost his life at Jalianwala Bagh, he was from Baramulla. Why hasn’t PM Modi and BJP spoken any word of praise for them? Many among those who were massacred by General Dyer were from Kashmir. We need no credentials from PM Modi. The nation is seeking answers from PM Modi as to what was he able to achieve on the promises he made to people during his election campaign in 2014. No sooner anybody ask him about his achievement, he is tainted as anti-national. Do people want to know where the 10 crore jobs are? People want to know what laurels was the Modi led government able to achieve on development front; people are feeling ditched. The incumbent BJP led central government is mute on its achievement, how could they enumerate any when there are none,” he said.

Party president while exuding confidence in the workers and party functionaries said, “Every worker irrespective of his denomination is important to us, it is he who strives for the party on grassroots. If we want to save the identity and integrity of our state, we have to make the party’s regional units dynamic. Ours is the only party that is the representative of the state’s pluralistic visage.”

Applauding the decision of Omar Abdullah and the party of not forging an alliance with BJP in 2014, he said, “I was undergoing my treatment overseas; however, BJP and its cronies had approached Omar sahib and other party members for hobnobbing an alliance. However, the recourse was taken by Omar and other associates of his worth appreciation. The party leader’s had rejected the offer of forging an alliance with those who have the blood of Muslims on their hand. I want to make it clear for all times that Farooq Abdullah will never join hands with those who have the blood of minorities on their hands,” he said.

In a stinging attack on BJP, party vice president Omar Abdullah said, “Today BJP are outraged at our undertaking for the restoration of state’s status, they are the ones who used to sit with me in the central cabinet when we got the autonomy resolution passed from our assembly with the majority. Why didn’t they raise any qualms then?  We didn’t change our views; we have been maintaining that it is the restoration of autonomy only that will go a long way in removing the cobwebs of mistrust between New Delhi and the state. Our stance remains the same both when inside or outside government,” he said.

In a frontal attack on Modi, he said, “PM Modi is repeating the same promises what he made during his election rallies in Jammu. Then he had said that his mission was to free the state of the two families. What followed is known to all; he joined the hands with one of the political families he had been attacking all along with his campaign, he helped two of its family members become chief minister, Now he is singing the same tune of acquitting the state from the two families.”

Flaying Mehbooba Mufti for betraying and berating the mandate of people, Omar said, “Today we see her throwing tantrums over the plight of the people of Kashmir. But people are asking where she was when our kids were attacked across the country. People are asking her; what was she doing when Muslims were being lynched across the country? People are asking why she didn’t leave the chair when the unremitting torments were being unleashed on the people. Had BJP not kicked PDP, they would have been in power until now. She stands no chance; no passing of blame can absolve her of the role she played in bringing BJP to the state. Where was she when a person was used as a human shield? Why didn’t she open her mouth then? Where was she when our youth were targeted with bullets?” adding, “Where was she when SRO-202 was implemented in the state? At that point of time she stuck to her chair, she had shut her eyes to the miseries of people.”

Flaying PDP President and former chief minister for her opportunistic politics, Omar said, “She has sordidly accepted that she joined hands with BJP to save her folk from disintegration. It shows how she gave preference to her party over the people of the state.”

Party vice president underscoring the importance of ensuring elections said, “It is not the time to boycott elections, today we are fighting a battle for our identity. This time we have to come out and vote for our unity and integrity. We have to ensure that Dr Sahab wins with a huge victory margin.  We have to strengthen his hands for the sake of protecting Art 370, Art 35 A.  Besides that there are other issues, which our state is fraught with, he will raise the issues for unemployed youth, development. We have to send him to parliament and keep up the tempo up to assembly elections.”

Among others Haji Ali Muhammad Sagar, Dr Sheikh Mustufa Kamal Abdul Rahim Rather, Choudhary Muhammad Ramzan, Aga Syed Ruhullah Mehdi, Mubarak Gul, Muhammad Akbar Lone, Shameema Firdous, Nazir Ahmad Khan Gurezi, Irfan Ahmad Shah, Pir Afaq, Muhammad Syed Akhoon, Shami Oberoi, Sheikh Ishfaq Jabbar, Sheikh Ghulam Qadir Pardesi, Tanvir Sadiq, Salman Ali Sagar, Showkat Ahmad Mir, Dr Sajad Uri, Aga Syed Yousaf, Sabiya Qadri, Haji Abdul Ahad Dar, Ahsan Pardesi, Younis Gul and Mudassar Shahmiri were also present on the occasion.


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