Unholy BJPDP alliance responsible for damages to the State: G A Mir



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Stating that BJP was desperate enough about the outcome of ensuing parliamentary elections, as that, the outgoing Prime Minister has sensed defeat before results and was making false and frivolous propaganda to woo the voters, but the people and Congress party will defeat the designs of BJP.

He said Narinder Modi’s rhetoric was based on the lies and deceit, he will no longer be able to mislead people on religious and caste basis for electoral gains, blaming PDP for the damages caused to people in Kashmir valley.

This was stated by J&K Pradesh Congress Committee (JKPCC) President and Party Candidate Gulam Ahmad Mir, who was addressing public meetings, Sarpanchs Panchs and Party workers in Dooru area of South Kashmir.

Addressing the meeting Mir said that the outgoing Prime Minister and his entire team in BJP have adopted the path of lies and deceit to woo the voters.

“They have nothing to show to people of the country, the tall claims with 56-inch Chest of Narendra Modi has proved merely a political gimmick, the promises made to people especially youth, farmers and poor people have fallen flat,” he said.

Mi said BJP PDP was fully responsible for the current situation in the State especially in the valley and unfortunately BJP was hell bent upon to use Armed Forces and Kashmir situation for Electoral gains, which was very shameful on the part of Narinder Modi

Reacting to the Kathua Public meeting of Prime Minister, G A Mir said that whenever PM address public meeting in any part of the country, he uses the sacrifices of Armed Forces, besides attacking Congress Party, then  rake up  sensitive issues aiming to  create an impression that he was the only person in the country with guts, but I want to tell Narinder Modi that he will be remembered for a long for his  lies, deceit and political exploitation. People of the country will never forgive him,

Criticizing both PDP BJP for playing politics over the Kashmir situation and the issues confronting people, Mir said.

“The unholy alliance between these parties shall also be remembered for a long, for the fact, during their rule scores of people have been blinded, maimed and jails were filled,  mass arrests, intimidation of innocent people and whatnot has been done by PDP BJP,” he said.

“Congress Party fought against the atrocities against people and came on roads against high handedness and innocent killings, but in response the PDP BJP unholy alliance with the full support of Centre adopted repressive measures against Congress Leaders aiming to silence the genuine voice, besides withdrawing security of our Party leaders one by one despite that Congress party did not compromise on its stated position of fighting against injustice and innocent killings,” he said.

Mir cautioned the people about the polarization by BJP especially Narendra Modi, who is in habit of polarizing the situation before the elections, he added and reiterated his appeal to people to rise to the occasion  to ensure victory of Congress Party with a thumping majority, for the fact, it was the Congress party alone which has fought against the communal agenda of BJP RSS and was fully  capable to defeat them to ensure that  the unity, harmony and multiplicity  in the Country and State remains intact.


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