Modi Govt Did Commendable Job For Flood HIT J&K: BJP

KL Report


Declaring that the state government must at an earliest send a detailed ground report about the flood situation in the state so that same could be declared as the national disaster, chairman of BJP’s state campaign committee Nirmal Singh accused parties of playing politics over the recent floods.

In a press briefing here, Singh told reporters that it is important that the state government must produce a detailed ground report about the situation caused by the floods and send it to the government of India so that this could be declared as the national disaster. “ You have to follow the procedure and the procedure is that a report of destruction should be prepared by the state government, send it to central government and then only I am sure that it will be declared as the national disaster,” Nirmal Singh said while addressing the newsmen here.

According to KNS correspondent, Singh also took jibe at the political parties, accusing them of playing politics over the present catastrophic situation. He also said that attempts are being made to politicize the issue.

He also ruled out any possibility of holding the state elections at present, stating that amid the current crises, vested interests are hell bent upon taking the undue benefit.

Singh also added that GOI did ‘commendable’ job in the midst of floods and that the anger brewing against the state government is because it failed to discharge its duties well on time. “People were left in the midst of the grave crises when the state government was morally bound to mitigate the sufferings.”

He said that despite Eid being celebrated in a very near future, the state government has done nothing in providing ration and other essential commodities to the people.

“Everywhere the anger could be seen. Government in no way has helped people. It was the moral duty of the government but they failed in performing that,” he said.

Singh also maintained that BJP salutes the courage of the people of Kashmir, especially the youth, who risked their lives and saved various others and also for overcoming such natural disaster.  The central government, army, NDRF helped  the flood hit people but it was the youth of Kashmir who were at the forefront and provided relief to the affected people and entire country is with the people of Jammu and Kashmir.”

Singh said it would be a “cruel joke” to talk about elections when worst ever natural calamity has struck the chord of valley. “We wanted to assess the damage caused by the floods. We are not here for the elections. It is for the Election Commission to decide about that. We think it would be a cruel joke to talk about elections at this juncture. The priority is to help the people as the winters are approaching,” he said.


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