Modi may have nothing new to say at ‘Lalkar’: Omar

30kashmir1KL Report


Chief minister Omar Abdullah said that BJP prime minister candidate Narender Modi may have nothing new to add what people know of right wing parties attitude and policies towards Kashmir.

“BJP politics is very well known to the people of Kashmir, they have a particular attitude towards the state and Kishtwar was one such instance,” Omar Abdullah told reporters at the J&K Bank ‘Dastkaar Mela’ at Badamwari in Srinagar. “People in the state have fought this ideology and will continue to do so.” He said the party will try to polarize the situation.

Omar said, “Modi will talk the same old things that other BJP larders have been saying. Let us see what new thing will say in Jammu.”

Modi is speaking to a huge gathering in Jammu.

Asked if his government will allow Modi to campaign in Srinagar as he has announced, Omar said his government will not prevent anybody from doing political campaigning. “We have permitted separatists their space and we will not disallow right wingers from coming to Kashmir,” Omar said. “We have stopped them in past because their intentions were not good and they wanted to create trouble.”

As reporters asked him about the hoarding that his party had erected at the centre of the highway that Modi will use, Omar said, “It is my state and I have every right to do it. If Gujarat Chief Minister can have 100 hoardings in Jammu, what is the problem with my hoarding.”

The hoarding that has been raised at Bikram Chowk has a huge photo of Omar with a caption: “My hand holding of youth is above political motives”.


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