Modi’s rally will not help BJP: Chaman Lal Gupta

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Claiming that Narendra Modi’s visit to Jammu will not benefit the party in the state at large, senior BJP leader Chaman Lal Gupta Monday said that the chances of the party to emerge victorious in the state are getting lesser with every passing day.

Gupta while talking to KNS a day after Modi addressed ‘Lalkar Rally’ in Jammu said that the forthcoming polls in the state will prove difficult for the BJP and that its claims to register triumph seem illusionary. “The BJP at present in the state has lost its ground and the people at present do not find the party appropriate for representation.”

Gupta further stated that the BJP leaders in the state have undermined the basic principles of the party and have eroded the party base. “They are zero now, the party will not emerge victories in the forth coming polls and from 11 seats, and the party would reach to maximum three to four seats in the state assembly.”

“The high command also did not show any sportsman spirit to make the party united or to strengthen the party base in the state,” said Gupta, adding, the BJP leaders in the state have devastated the party by ousting seven out of 11 BJP law makers.

Gupta said that he skipped the rally only because he was not invited to attend the same. “Most of the BJP workers were not present in the rally and when the workers are not with you, how you expect that you will emerge victorious.”

Stating that Modi’s visit cannot be presumed as the major landmark for the state BJP here Gupta said that the politics is the field wherein week is the enough time.”Modi visited one of the assembly constituencies in 2008 for the election campaign in Jammu region. Despite that our candidate stood on number four. We cannot eulogize his rally to such extant that we start living with the pseudo hopes.”

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