Modi’s Speech Epitome of Disappointment: Er Rashid

KL Report


Awami Ittihaad Party (AIP)President Engineer Rashid Monday ridiculed the public speech of Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered at Srinagar terming it as a “mere rhetoric far from ground realities”.

Rashid said, “Narendra Modi’s speech was epitome of disappointment as it escaped from ‘walking the real talk’ and focused on non-serious issues.”

“Modi should understand that mere talk of development will take Kashmir nowhere. Solving the burning dispute of Kashmir in a democratic manner according to UN resolutions is need of the hour and Modi by undermining it has made his entire speech a hallow rhetoric,” Rashid said.

Modi stated that for the first time in 30 years, the Army admitted its mistake in Chattergam killing and went on to say that there was an inquiry and cases filed against those guilty of shooting at the 2 youth.

“This proves that Modi too admits that in thousands of human right abuses no justice has been delivered,” Rashid said adding  “Modi should understand that Kashmiris have not given one lac sacrifices for mere petty interests of development but for just resolution of Kashmir dispute.”

 Rashid added, “Modi talked one thing in Samba and other thing in Kashmir aptly proving the double talk. Talking of giving citizenship rights to West Pakistan Migrants by Modi was a big mistake as Modi should bear in mind that can happen only over our dead bodies.”

“By wearing a mere Pheran does not make Modi a Kashmiri as people out here and conscience voices around the globe know about all grim episodes that BJP has been part of in Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh along with many other states. Same Modi had refused to wear skull cap gifted by Muslims is now wearing Pheran and this is biggest irony of our times,” Rashid said.


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