Modi’s Visit To Kashmir Act Of Politicizing Human Tragedy: Malik

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Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chairman Mohamamd Yasin MalikWednesday said that Sheikh –ul-Aalam Hazrat  Noor Ud Din Noorani (RA) and saints like him showed “us the way of welfare and salvation and if we follow and adhere to the teachings of these Great people we will surely succeed in our life and here after.”

“Today we are facing the wrath of nature and our lives are miserable because we as a nation have left the teachings of these greats behind us. Indian prime ministers Kashmir visit act of politicizing human tragedy. Kashmiris will observe complete shutdown against this visit. Bijebihara massacre reminds us the brutal face of state terrorism,” Malik said while addressing a gathering at Khankah I Charar I Shareef.

“Today we remember a leader, a saint, a religious poet, a completely devoted personality who taught us the ways of life and hereafter. Today we are paying tributes to a great soul who through his poetry and teachings elaborated on us the meaning of oneness of Allah, the necessity and importance of following the footsteps of the last messenger of Islam prophet Muhammad (SAW) in letter and spirit and also taught us the passion of working for the welfare and prosperity of human beings,” he said. “Sheikh-ul- Aalam was a complete leader who had unshakable faith in Allah, unparallel love of Allah’s messenger (PBUH). There were times when we Kashmiri’s used to live a simple life. We followed our elders in letter and spirit but alas! All this has changed now. We for the lust of wealth and power have shunned the way of these pious people. Because of this we are suffering, our freedom has been snatched and we are shattered in every walk of life.”

The JKLF chairman said “We showed dishonesty with our elders like sheikh-ul-Aalam and Allah punished us through devastation of flood. Our lives today are shattered and if we want to change this sad situation we all will have to repent for our sins and crimes and tread the path of spirituality as shown by these great holy men. The freedom of Kashmiri’s has been snatched by the tyrants. We are being subjected to worst kind of oppression but the oppressors must remember that this gallantry nation will never shun its way of struggle and surely will succeed and get freedom soon.”

Calling for a complete shutdown on PM Nerinder Modi’s Kashmir visit on Diwali, Malik said that Kashmiri Muslims have always respected the religious sentiments of every sect living in Jammu Kashmir. “It is our religious and moral duty to do so but it is also a fact that today India is governed by Hindu extremists. These people have a clear anti Muslim and anti Kashmiri agenda. Such is the limit of their hypocritical behavior and policy based on hatred that Indian prime minister is even politicizing flood devastation and miseries being faced by the people of Kashmir,” he said.

Malik said that the announcement of PM to celebrate Dewali in Kashmir is ironical. “Doesn’t Modi Jee know that Kashmir being a Muslim majority area recently celebrated the festival of Eid ul Zuha? Who is Modi Jee trying to befool. Everyone knows that he is coming to celebrate Dewali with his army and forces and is trying to play politics on a human tragedy,” he said.

Meanwhile a collective congregation of repentance before almighty Allah was held after the program in which thousands of devotees asked for Allah’s forgiveness and blessings.

Meanwhile, JKLF has paid rich tributes to Bijebihara martyrs on their martyrdom day.


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