Monotonous Melody

By Hirra Sultan


Fed up with what was around

And cursing system all the time

Pointing out their blunders

And criticising the same.


All that was needed was a change

Someone’s initiative to clean it up

to put everything in place

To make everything desired.


But on the front I shied away

Thinking of my comfort zone

How my interests would be harmed

If I get carried away.


I still desired the change

And make things even better

But I would not be part of it

Else how would I sustain?


As I thought, so had they

And everyone went away

None pursued the desired goal

And destination seemed far away


Everyone held the hopes for change

Maintaining the minimum level of faith

But hope never changes circumstances

Everything remained the same.


(The poet is pursuing her graduation from Sharda University, Noida)  


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