More Boys Joined Militancy During Your Rule, Akhtar tells Omar



Naeem Akhtar
Naeem Akhtar

Mufti Sayeed’s Education minister, Naeem Akhtar rejected Omar Abdullah’s assertions that PDP-BJP government is pushing Kashmiri boys to pick up guns saying that “alienation during NC rule triggered the trend”.

Akhtar was quoted having said that whatever Omar Abdullah and his father Farooq Abdullah have stated on the issue is not based on facts. “Last year more boys joined militancy than reported this year in spite of preoccupation of the society with floods and its aftermath.”

As per the numbers given by police, 33 youth have joined militancy since 2015 January.

Akhtar while training guns at Omar said it was his “misrule, corruption, destruction of system”, which bred “alienation in Jammu and Kashmir”.

“Omar’s government bungled relief items, created fake administrative units, opened non-existent schools and left behind a deficit of 10,000 crore,” he said. “His govt created a huge army of employees in the name of seasonal and casual employees.”

Omar earlier said formation of “unholy PDP-BJP alliance” could be a possible reason behind new militancy in Kashmir. While Omar’s father and NC patron, Farooq Abdullah said Kashmiri youth is picking up arms to fight the wrong policies of the present dispensation resulting in “fundamentalism and radicalisation” among the youths.

Amid claims and counter claims, the number of new militancy has swelled to 150 in Kashmir—the trend being termed dangerous by unionists, separatists and law enforcing agencies.


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