More than 50 thousand cases of widows, handicapped pending with govt

KL Report


Under Integrated Social Security Scheme (ISSS), there are 29, 439 cases of old age persons waiting to be heard and their files are gathering dust every day after.

There are also 13051 cases of widows pending with the government. Under this scheme, reports informed that there are 12926 cases of handicapped people pending and gathering dust. The total number of the cases under ISSS are 55416.

Earlier, the government in Assembly had said that an amount of Rs 40.60 crore is required to be paid to the applicants and the matter has been taken up with Government of India and the State Planning Department. However, reports informed that government did little to pursue the issue of widows and old age persons with the GoI and hence the destitute continue to suffer in the state.

Official sources disclosed that under other schemes, there are 98, 963 cases of old age persons, widows and handicapped people pending.

The data reveals that the government in a traditional manner took the matter regarding clearance of 98963 pending cases under National Social Assistance Programme (NSAP) with Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India vide letter No. SWD/Plg/227/2014 dated 18-02-2015 but surprisingly the follow up wasn’t done.

Meanwhile, several widows and handicapped while crying for help said that they are hopeful that their sufferings would end during the times of the present government and their cries that didn’t reach the power corridors in the past would be heard this time.

Blazingly, even at present when the prices of commodities in the market sky rocket, the widows and handicapped persons are getting Rs 400 per month social security pension whereas, the rate under ISSS for other categories is Rs 200 per month.



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