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As the valley is proving to be an attraction for various cellular operators of India–with more than 67 lakh mobile connections operational, the trend has badly affected the landline service, making it less appealing and less in number.

The cellular companies operating in the state are recording surprised annual growth with the number of cell phone users increasing manifold every day.  The annual growth of the cellular companies here is being recorded as 11.47 percent. In October 2012, BSNL alone had 1055386 subscribers while as after one year, November 2013, the connections reached 107109.

Bharti Airtel at present has 25, 62,850 connections operational in Jammu and Kashmir. The company witnessed the annual growth of 12.22 percent. Vodafone has more than seven lakh connections while as IDEA has 2, 71840 subscribers in the state.

Moreover, the dish wireless networks are also recording high growth with more than 20 lakh subscribers paying monthly dues to watch the TV channels offered by the wireless dish facility.

The flourishing and successful implementation of private sector services registered increased tele-density in the state as in October 2012 it was 46.48 percent and it rose up by 4.10 percent  and reached to 50.58 percent as on October 2013. As on November 2013, state’s tele-density was 50.83 percent. However, with the success of wireless networks, the traditional landline connections in the state are witnessing the huge decline.

In 2012-13, the landline connections have witnessed the decrease of 14021 connections with the number of 7158 landline connections and 6863 WLL connections registering a fall of -5.00 percent.

 Last year the number of landline and WLL connections operational in Srinagar were 119591 and at present the number has decreased to 116471- witnessing the fall of -2.61 percent annually.  Similarly the Jammu had a fall of -6.72 percent, Udhampur with -4.95 percent. Rajouri and Leh had -12.31 and -6.12 fall respectively. (KNS)


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