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Urging PDP, NC and other parties and politicians to stop “callously dramatizing” Afzal Guru issue, MLA Langate Er Rasheed asked them to support his resolution for demanding mortal remains of Guru to his family.

In a press statement, Er Rasheed said if all the parties including NC and PDP are sincere and serious about bringing back the body of Guru, then instead of playing all sorts of “dramas” and thus making “fun” of themselves in the state assembly, they should make it possible that the resolution is tabled, debated and passed.

Terming the expected debate over hanging of Afzal Guru in the state assembly  as “too little, too late,” he said that since there is no provision to go for voting in the adjournment motion it will be just turn out to be a futile exercise and an attempt by all the MLAs to hide their failures regarding the issue.

“Bringing the adjournment motion by NC, PDP and others and then making hue and cry is just an attempt to give a notion to the deeply shocked Kashmiri people that we are against all that what had happened. Though I am not against the debate in Assembly but at the end of the day all these political parties shedding crocodile tears will claim a win-win situation but at the other hand will be helping their masters in New Delhi as there is no provision for voting in the adjournment motion,” Rasheed said.


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