Moulana Azad road in Srinagar to be redeveloped


The Moulana Azad road which is a principal road alignment running through the Srinagar city centre is being redeveloped.

The redevelopment of the vital road stretch is aimed at improving its alignment to facilitate smooth movement of traffic there-along.

It involves the removal of bottlenecks at critical locations that lead to tailbacks along this stretch.

The district administration has released 11 crore rupees as projected in an approved DPR to the Public Works Department for starting execution of the project.

The project includes the acquisition of land and structures at around 2.5 crore rupees and rehabilitation of 33 shopkeepers at around 7.5 crore rupees which includes the construction of shopping lines therefor among other cost components.

It is notable that this road had been developed as a six-lane stretch axis – with single-tube width of 11 meters – but bottlenecks extant at five spots on either side of the road hold up traffic movement resulting in tailbacks along this stretch.

District Development Commissioner Srinagar Dr Shahid Iqbal Choudhary said redevelopment aimed at improving the alignment of Moulana Azad road is an important project with this road being amongst the most important ones with major traffic movement in all of Srinagar city.



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