Mourners Pulling Dead Mother On Trolley Triggered A Flood of Emotions


SRINAGAR: In Kashmir’s long-troubled history this was an unprecedented scene. A few men and women pulling a hospital trolley carried their dead member and mourning on streets that has no other life visible.

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The few minute footage triggered a flood of emotions from all sides directed towards the health workers. They were accused of not even providing the family an ambulance drive back home for decent burial of the dead and her unborn baby.

A few men and women pulling a hospital trolley carried their dead member and mourning on streets that has no other life visible.

This is the second such case that was reported from the Maternity and Child Care Hospital in Anantnag that apparently operates under the newly set up Government Medical College.

The dead person on the trolley was Shakeela, wife of Zahoor Ahmad Shah, a resident of Salia in Anantnag outskirts. On Saturday afternoon when she was in labour, the family drove her to the Sub-district hospital Seer Hamadan. There, she was referred to the MCCH Anantnag on Sunday morning. From there, she was seen being pulled on the trolley dead.

The MCCH officials said the patient was “brought dead”. By their account, she seemingly has died in between the transit from a smaller to a bigger hospital. Perhaps that was why the officials have placed under suspension the services of a doctor and a nurse at Hamdan hospital. The family has also alleged that the medical staff at Hamdan delayed the treatment that led to the patient’s trauma.

But why did not the hospital help the family have a decent return home by offering them an ambulance?

“She was brought dead to the hospital. Her family did not allow to follow COVID protocol,” Medical Superintendent Child and Maternity Hospital Anantnag, Dr SM Andrabi was quoted saying. “When officials from microbiology went to take her samples, her family took her body away on a trolley.”

Deputy Commissioner, Bashir A Dar has also indicated the same thing. “Preliminary reports suggest the dead body was taken away by relatives fearing they will have to wait for burial if the sample is taken for covid test. Most unfortunate to say the least,” he tweeted.

The trolley carrying the dead mother is being seen as extended cruelty in vogue at the hospital after a Covid-19 positive lady carrying twins in her womb died in the same hospital. The family alleged that since she belonged to Kharpora, a Covid-19 Red Zone village, the medical staff avoided helping her. The doctors said she died for absolutely different medical reasons and not neglected. Two enquiries have already been announced.

Since the brief video clip has gone viral and triggered emotions across, everybody is seeking answers. It is exhibiting a scene that was never seen in Kashmir. At the face of it, it seems inhuman.

National Conference MP Hasnain Masoodi has expressed deep grief and sorrow over the death of lady patient from Kharpora, Breng a few days back and the lady patient from Seer Hamdan today and the alleged negligence of the medical staff in two shocking incidents.

While welcoming the action taken by the authorities against the doctors and other staff suspected to have acted negligently, Masoodi has demanded time-bound enquiry and action warranted in light of the results of the enquiry. Masoodi has expressed heartfelt condolences with the bereaved family and also asked the administration to pay compensation for the dependents of the deceased.

CPI (M) leader Mohammad Yousuf Tarigami termed the incident a case of “wilful negligence” and demanded that an FIR must be lodged against the culprits without any delay.

“The family of the deceased lady has alleged that doctors delayed her treatment and later asked to shift her to Maternity and Child Care Hospital. Such negligence on part of doctors needs to be thoroughly investigated and the culprits must be given exemplary punishment under law,” the statement issued by the party said. “There should be no eye-wash or cover-up as due to wilful negligence of the doctors a mother and a yet to be born baby have lost their lives.”

Tarigami regretted that the incident happened at a time when doctors and health workers have put their own lives at a risk in battle against Covid-19.

Jammu and Kashmir Apni Party (JKAP) leader Rafi Ahmad Mir asked for “fair probe” into the case of alleged medical negligence that resulted into death of a 25-year-old pregnant woman at child and maternity hospital in Anantnag.

“This is not a case in isolation but there are other instances wherein such patients suffered immensely because of the acute dearth of infrastructure and manpower in the health department in the district,” Mir said. “Precious lives have been loss because of this apathetic attitude of the government.” He added: “While we try to understand that hospitals are overburdened and witnessing huge rush due to ongoing situation but the manner in which the deceased was treated is totally unacceptable.”

Congress demanded an enquiry and action against all those involved in the death of two pregnant women in the district, saying that by not providing ambulance to the family of the deceased lady for carrying her mortal remains goes against the laws and humanity and as such action must be taken against those, who were involved in it.

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“The people living in Red Zone areas of the district were not being provided basic facilities and the people who have been put into quarantine centres were being dealt with lathies instead of expressing sympathy with them and providing them basic facilities,” the party added.


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