Mrs Shabir Shah accompanies pellet-blind Insha to Mumbai for treatment

Insha apparent;y seen moving with the family of Shabir Shah, a photo released by Shah's party
Insha apparent;y seen moving with the family of Shabir Shah, a photo released by Shah’s party

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Insha Mushtaq, a pellet injured girl of Sedow Shopian whom the incarcerated chairman of Democratic Freedom Party (DFP) Shabir Ahmad Shah has adopted, left for Mumbai for treatment. She was accompanied by her parents and Shah’s wife Dr Bilquees. The eye specialists had called her for thorough check-up, a statement issued by Shah said.

Shah, in the meanwhile, reiterated his appeal to people to realise their responsibility of taking care of those blinded by the PDP government. “The need of the hour is to convince all such victims that they are not alone but the whole nation is with them,” Shah said in a statement. “I reiterate my appeal to the affluent families of J&K to play their part in this regard.”

“We cannot turn our eyes away from the sad plight of such victims and as humans we must try our best to help them in any possible way. Today, I reiterate that I’m proud of the conscious people of my nation and hope they will fulfill their moral responsibilities towards such victims. These children have had some dreams and we must help them realize those dreams. In this age of education and technology, we must play role in making these victims realise their dream of education. Like Insha, all other children blinded by the so-called government are our children and we must express equal concern for all and come forward for their help. Those who can adopt any victim for life should not wait. God will reward them for such deed,” the statement quoted saying.

Shah appealed to Kashmiri diaspora in Western Countries particularly in US and UK to explore ways of treatment for the victims of the PDP’s “oppressive” rule and devise a well-coordinated programme in this regard.

Dr Bilquees Shabir Shah
Dr Bilquees Shabir Shah

The DFP chairman hailed the efforts of Dukhtaran-e-Millat (DeM) of starting a survey of such victims terming it an encouraging step. “We have to collectively work in this regard as we cannot see these victims knocking the doors of heartless people who for their lust for power and in the name of so-called vision turned the State into a valley of blinds,” the statement said.

Meanwhile, Mrs Shah Dr Bilquees Shah has told a local news gatherer KNS insisting Insha Mushtaq is her third daughter.

“I am accompanying her because I want to discuss in detail with the doctor if there is any possibility in India about the regaining of Insha’s vision,” Dr Bilqees has said. “She (Insha) is my third daughter as Shah sahib has categorically declared her as his own daughter, we will try our best regarding gaining of her eyesight in India and aboard, in case, that does not happen, I will bring her up the way I raise my two other daughters.”

Insha, one of the most reported cases of pellet-blinding in Kashmir, was hit by pellets on July 09.


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