Palhalan did not sleep last night

palhalan (2)KL News Network


Palhalan, the north Kashmir’s restive village which is Kashmir’s biggest one did not sleep last night as police raided the highway village repeatedly. Though the residents reacted to two raids between midnight and the wee hour raids, the cops still have arrested three residents, reports appearing in the media suggest.

Residents said the police and apparently accompanied by the paramilitary forces carried out the first raid, they used lot of tear smoke shells and, to add an element of fear, they burst sound grenades that blast with deafening bangs. That was slightly past midnight.

But the residents still came out of the homes, triggering sort of clashes between the two sides. It ended at a draw and, after some time, both sides withdrew to their earlier positions.

Almost two hours later, the cops carried out another raid. The only difference was they choose a different direction. It led to the action replay.

Despite the two raids, the reports said, the police still had rounded up three youth. The identity of those arrested was not immediately known. The belt continues to be tense, reports added.


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