Mufti Always Acted As Yes-Man Of Delhi: Tanvir


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Omar Abdullah’s Political secretary Tanvir Sadiq Tuesday hit at PDP calling its patron as a yes man of BJP and its party as a safe heaven for corrupt people.

Reacting to the statement of PDP Patron Mufti Mohammad Tanvir said: “Yes, Mufti sahib is a glaring example of a yes-man of Delhi and that was proved during PR Bill in the assembly,” he said, adding, “He succumbed to Delhi’s dictates, and delivered the biggest blow to special status of state.”

“The fact that BJP members had come all the way from Delhi to garner support for the PDP shows who seeks directions from Delhi” said Tanvir.

“It proves beyond doubt where his loyalties lay. For 40 years, PDP patron used to unfold congress flags in every village of the state and now is using the green flag to hoodwink the people.”

Tanvir said People are wise enough to understand the designs behind PDP’s double speak as they have experienced this characteristic of the party since its inception in the politics. “There only aim is to grab power by hook and crook,” Tanvir said.

Asking PDP to come out clear on their stand on self rule, Omar Abdullah’s Political secretary said: “Now they are looking for some other ways and means to find a resolution. They have forgotten self rule and not even once have they mentioned about it in their recent gathering, they should come out clearly to say that their self rule was just an imaginary document and its ove.”

 “As self rule balloon has burst without a whimper, this party will face the same fate.”

The young NC leader asked as why didn’t PDP patron speak about re-negotiation of NHPC when he was a minister in Mir Qasim Sahib’s cabinet or when he was the Home Minister of India or even utter a word when he was the Chief Minister of the state.

“Just to play politics now, he is trying to deceive people with false information and promises,” he said, adding, “In the same way his party is playing politics on AFSPA today and not even once has he spoken about this law when he was in power for the fear of losing his chair.”

Calling PDP a safe heaven for corrupt people, Tanvir said: “The PDP leadership continues to embarrass themselves shamelessly by getting all the corrupt people into their fold and they still have the audacity to then make ridiculous accusation against the government”

Keep his attack on PDP, Tanvir said it has the distinction of being the only party whose majority of leaders have cases against them on corruption charges.

“Amusingly all these ex- bureaucrats who have joined this party are the same ones who were charged by the PDP regime on corruption charges where wholesale corruption, nepotism, kickbacks in the purchase were order of the day,” he said.


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