Mufti Cautions Against Allowing Escalation Of Violence On Borders

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Cautioning against allowing escalation of violence on the Line of Control (LoC) and International Border (IB), patron of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Mufti Mohamamd Sayeed Tuesday called upon political leadership of both India and Pakistan to show greater magnanimity at this juncture and work for silencing roaring guns on the borders and replacing the war cries with talks of friendship and peace.

Instead of resorting to the blame game or being jingoistic with slogans of  “strong retaliated actions”  being raised by some forces, the political leadership of the two countries must assert on this occasion to resume the snapped process of composite dialogue for resolving all their disputes including these ceasefire violations through peaceful, undisrupted and sustainable negotiations,” Mufti said while addressing a meeting of senior leaders of the party in which a resolution on the prevailing situation of LoC and IB was passed.

As pr a local news agency, KNS, Mufti said that both New Delhi and Islamabad must talk to each other realizing the dangerous consequences of any escalation of confrontation. “Peace between the two countries is crucial for stability, progress and economic prosperity of the region. Both the countries should have to snub those elements who have been raising senseless highly dangerous war hysteria”, he said and reminded that every war between India and Pakistan was followed by dialogue so there was no reason for both the countries to allow escalation of skirmishes on the borders. Later a resolution was passed in the meeting in which party emphasised on maintaining sanctity of cease fire so as restore peace in the borders.

“There is need for sanity to prevail on the borders by taking steps to put an immediate end to incidents of violence along the borders and respect the sanctity of the ceasefire enforced since 2003,” the resolution demanded and pointed out people of Jammu and Kashmir have high stakes in peace because they are the worst suffer of hostility between two neighbouring countries. The escalation of hostilities, which have the ominous potential of leading to a full-scale bloody war and perpetuation of conflict is not in the interests of the common people of the two neighbouring countries, who have been suffering the brunt of this conflict for the past over sixty years and have a stake in peace the resolution reads.

“Those in the border areas are bearing brunt of any armed confrontation and have been frequently uprooted from their hearths and homes at the time of hostility between two countries, the meeting observed and emphasised on the need of maintaining sanctity of the cease-fire any cost. Instead of felling prey to the anti-peace forces there is a need to resume dialogue with Pakistan at highest level. If dialogue with Pakistan was started even after Parliament attack and Kargil conflict there is no reason to adopt adamant attitude this time because there is no other alternative except resumption of peace process to establishing lasting peace in this region”, the resolution observed and added that the dialogue process should not be related to the events but should be process driven so that the elements inimical to peace lose the incentive to disrupt the peace process. The people of Jammu and Kashmir have invested significantly in the peace process since 2002 and there is need to carry forward the same process to its logical end.

“PDP of the firm opinion that the government of India must rejuvenate and vigorously pursue the peace process that had started transforming the State’s ground situation positively after November 2002,” the resolution stated and pointed out that cease-fire announced in the year 2003 was result of peoples’ urge for peace which they had exhibited during the historic rally of then Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee at Srinagar in the year 2003. The meeting regretted that situation on the borders was deteriorating due to unabated incidents of cease-fire violation and residents of Jammu and Kashmir were bearing maximum brunt of the skirmish on the borders and they were the worst victim of hostility between India and Pakistan. Meeting recalled that it was during the regime of PDP that cease-fire was announced in the year 2003 and peace was restored all along the border from Kathua to Kargil.

“The cease fire announced at that time had brought positives changes in lives of the common people of Jammu and Kashmir but unfortunately the situation has returned back to pre-2003 situation”, meeting observed. Prominent among those who were present in the meeting included Sardar Rangil Singh, Yash Pal Sharma, MLC, Trilok Singh Bajwa, Sayeed Asgar Ali, MLC, Ved Mahajan, Shanti Devi, Daman Bhasin, Fallail Singh, Hussain Ali Wafa, Jagjeet Singh Jagga, Bharat Bhushan Gupta, Hamid Choudhary, Mehboob Iqbal, A R Wani, Guru Parshad, Arshad Malik, Sukhdev Sharma, Partap Sharma, Shoukat Daing, Imtiyaz Shan, Rajinder Manhas, Pritam Kotwal, Shakeel Mir, Farooq Mir, Ganga Dutt Sharma, Abjeet Jasrotia, Sher Singh, Aijaz Wani, Imtiyaz Khanday, Mohinder Kotwal, Talib Hussain, Hari Om Singh, Hans Raj, N D Khan, Anil Singh and others were present in the meeting.


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