LoC Trade: ‘Masala Found Fake’

KL Report


In what could prove out to be major setback for cross LoC trade, a Pakistani brand Masala have proved out to be sub standard in quality. The development has left the traders fuming as it is for the first time since the trade started through line of control that a Pakistani brand had been found sub standard in nature.

The document which lies with a local news agency, KNS, reads that Shan Chappali Kabab Masala ,Date of packing 6 July 2013, Batch No.1581319013, Best before 5 July 2016,Weight 100 gm, Price 60/=, Mfd by Shan foods Pvt lted.20 Sec 23 Korangi Land area Karachi,749000,Pakistan ,contains lumps without aromatic odour, also with increased ash insoluble which indicates the Masala is  sub standard.

Confirming the development Health officer of Srinagar Municipal Corporation, Dr Shafqat Khan told KNS that the Pakistani brand Masala has been found substandard.

“We have started a drive and took hundred samples of various food items which are sold in the markets of Kashmir and collected samples of food articles, particularly Masalas, drinks, milk and the dairy products from the distributors and  sent these samples to the Public Analyst for analysis, in which few samples were found substandard including the Pakistani brand Chappali Kabab Masala,Yorker Mango drink Mfd by; Oxy Glow Food and beverage company Crown Industrial area Village Sidhola Faridabad  i21102, Narvas Mango drink, Mfd by: HPMC Parwanoo (HP) India, “he said.

 Meanwhile he assured the people that the department will seize all these products which are found substandard including Pakistani brand. “We will continue this drive and whosoever is found guilty for selling substandard, expired and un-hygienic items would be punished under law.” The health officer, has appealed people to remain vigilant while purchasing the products. “The people should check the expiry date on the products and in case the products are expired they should immediately inform the SMC about it,” he added.


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