Mufti challenges opponents; Come and prove regional discrimination against PDP led Regime

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Reiterating resolve of his party to establish a new system of justice and equality in the state, patron of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Mufti Mohammad Sayeed Wednesday  said that his party has scripted a new chapter of peace and development in Jammu and Kashmir and has changed political discourage through its conviction and commitment.

Addressing a public meeting at Nagri Parol area of Kathua, Mufti said that PDP during its tenure had proved to how to deliver good governance and how to establish transparency and accountability in the governance.

“I don’t want to praise myself but people of the state now comparing our achievements with the decades long mis-governance of successive National Conference regimes”, Mufti said and added that PDP-Congress regime in the state had established a system of governance which earned credibility and acceptability of the common masses.

“PDP during its tenure had not only created a sense of security among the people but also restored dignity of the common masses by pioneering and implementing peace and reconciliation policies”, he said.

“Although we had just 16 members in the Assembly, our party had convinced successive governments at Delhi, through our convictions, to initiate some bold Confidence Building Measures (CBMs) to restore lasting peace in this region”, Mufti added.

Dwelling upon the purpose of forming PDP, Mufti said, “PDP was formed in the year 1999 with the aim to restore and uphold the dignity and honour of the every resident of Jammu and Kashmir and PDP had scripted a new chapter of peace and development and changed political discourse of the state through its visionary and pro-peace policies.”
“The coalition PDP-Congress coalition government had given a new direction to governance in order to address all these diverse issues effectively with the result that successive Prime Ministers could come here and reach out to the people and understand their problems,” he added.

Reiterating his resolve to remove regional disparities, Mufti said his government has set an example of equitable and balanced development in Jammu and Kashmir.

“Credit goes to the PDP-Congress regime that first time after 1947 all regions were treated equally in developmental and other activities”, he maintained and added that it was after 2002 successfully efforts were made to empower all regions to remove the sense of inequality and discrimination.

“Our government treated all regions equally but backward and ignored regions were given special attentions”, the PDP patron said and challenged his opponent to come with any evidence of discrimination with any regions or sub-regions during his regime.

“After formation of PDP-Congress coalition regime we fulfilled all the promises which we had made with the people and it was all due to the policies being propagated by our government that situation has been changed in the state,” said Mufti and added that “From Kathua to Kargil people have been peacefully living on border.”

Responding to the demands of local people, Mufti said that PDP would take up these problems with the authorities concerned for solution.



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