Mufti Claims J&K Had Its AAP Moment In 2002



KL Report


Former Chief Minister and PDP patriarch Mufti M Sayed told a party gathering in Vijaypur (Jammu) that there is no room for cynicism as sincere leadership, strong political will and clear vision, it is not impossible to rectify the system. He said Aam Adami Party (AAP) that emerged as the No 2 in Delhi polls can institutionalize transparency in system.

Addressing a public meeting that was organised by Sarpanch Vijay Choudhary Bawa, Mufti reminded that PDP had proved how to deliver a good, effective and pro-people governance in the State. “With just 16 MLAs in its kitty, PDP had scripted a new chapter of peace, reconciliation and development in the the history of Jammu and Kashmir”, Mufti said. He claimed his PDP through its vision and commitment has changed J&K’s political discourse.

Recalling the circumstances in J&K post 2002 Assembly elections, Mufti said PDP, like AAP now, had introduced a new moral factor in the politics of J&K. “We had taken about a month to form coalition government with Congress and others but not before formulation a comprehensive Common Minimum Programme (CMP) which emphasized on the resolution of the Kashmir problem, restoration of the dignity of the people and setting a new developmental era in Jammu and Kashmir”, Mufti said. “We had not shown any unholy hesitation to form the government which even necessitated brief spell of Governor rule in the state.”

“After formation of the government, the coalition even delivered more then what the manifestos of Congress and PDP had promised”, Mufti recalled, adding, “seizure around the state began to lift and new chapter of friendship in India Pakistan relations was written with the initiatives of the then Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee”. He mentioned that though PDP was running a coalition with Congress but it was result of the conviction and sincerity of the state government that the then BJP led NDA regime at Centre had provided all possible assistance for the development of Jammu and Kashmir during that period.

Talking against corruption, Mufti said while at national level the Jan Lok Pal is still being debated but the PDP-Congress government had constituted State Accountability Commission (AAC) way back in 2003. Similarly the RTI Act was passed by the State legislature in 2004 where as at the national level RTI law was passed in 2005.

He further mentioned that direct cash transfer scheme started by the UPA government recently was earlier introduced by the then PDP-Congress government in 2003. We had started sending money orders to the beneficiaries, he said.

Coming down heavily on NC led government Mufti said, it is diluted this institutions like SAC and RTI. “Instead of taking some effective steps, in view of the nationwide camping against corruption, the present dispensation has eroded sanctity of such institutions to safeguard their vested interests”, he said “We had provided a government that delivered on all every fronts with the same administrative tools that are available to the present government which has made a mess of every process and institutions pushing the people into miseries.”

Mufti said PDP had emerged as alternative of NC and Congress in J&K as AAP has now emerged as alternative of BJP and Congress in Delhi. “PDP is the only alternative before the people of J&K because agenda of this party is formulated by accommodating aspirations of all sections of the society”, Mufti claimed while seeking support for his candidate Yash Pal Sharma for Jammu-Poonch Lok Sabha seat.


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