Mufti Made a Career Out of Murdering Democracy in J&K: NC

KL Report


National Conference (NC) Friday alleged PDP Patron Mufti Mohammad Sayeed’s role in J&K’s history will forever be remembered as “opportunism, repression and subversion of democracy”. NC General Secretary Ali Mohammad Sagar said that not only has Mufti Sayeed changed numerous political parties in his career but he has also ended up betraying everyone who gave him a platform and patronage right from Rajiv Gandhi to V. P. Singh.

According to a statement addressing party workers at party Headquarters Sagar said that nothing could be more ironic and shameless than Mufti Mohammad Sayeed accusing anyone else of damaging democracy. “He started his political career with P. L. Handoo then went to Sadiq’s DNC and soon hopped over to Mir Qasim and sooner still ended up in Bakshi Ghulam Mohammad’s lap at a time when Sher-e-Kashmir Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah was languishing in jail because he stood up for the aspirations and dignity of our people,” Sagar said adding “when Sher-e-Kashmir was in jail for safeguarding Article 370, Mufti Sayeed was busy following everyone who eroded the Article.”

Sagar said that Mufti lost two consecutive elections from Bijbehara with humiliating margins after National Conference came back and contested elections. “Then Mufti Sayeed had to run away to R. S. Pura and eventually get politically rehabilitated in Muzaffarnagar in Uttar Pradesh and became the Home Minister of India in the Jan Morcha Government at a time when couldn’t even imagine being a simple MLA in Kashmir”, Sagar said.

He said that Mufti had played an instrumental part in all constitutional erosions and democratic subversions in J&K. “Mufti Sayeed has toppled more democratically elected governments in J&K than he has been a part of. This is a fact of history and not a mere accusation. Right from Mufti’s days in DNC to his servitude of Bakshi Ghulam Mohammad – Mufti was a part of ever motley crew of opportunists that eroded Article 370, compromised on the State’s Internal Autonomy and disempowered the people of this State.”

“When Mufti Sayeed became the Home Minister of India, he became the architect of State terror and unleashed hell on his own people. He lorded over heinous massacres like the GawKadal Massacre, the Mashali Mohalla Massacre, the Handwara Massacre and the Bijbehara Massacre and also allowed the assassination of Shaheed Mirwaiz Molvi Farooq to happen so that he could derive political benefits from this tragic loss. As if the assassination of Mirwaiz wasn’t enough – Mufti even ordered troops to shoot on his funeral resulting in the loss of more than 70 innocent lives. Mufti’s partnership with the dreaded Governor Jagmohan will go down in history as one of the most brutal phases of repression and bloodshed in J&K”, Sagar said.


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