Mufti on ‘Sadhbavna Tour’ to Goa for Modi’s PR Mission: NC



National Conference on Thursday ridiculed Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed’s “desperation” to travel to Goa to speak at a seminar organized by an RSS patronized, right-wing think-tank to deliver a lecture aimed at “eulogizing the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi viz-a-viz Kashmir”.

“Mufti Sahab has sadly taken to being an RSS Pracharak like a duck takes to water. At a time when both the Prime Minister and his party stand condemned throughout India for the growth of government patronized intolerance and anti-minority radicalism, Mufti Sahab has been employed to tour the country to praise the Prime Minister and the RSS. His Goa lecture at a right-wing think-tank that has BJP General Secretary Ram Madhav on its Board of Directors is the latest attempt by the PDP Patron to be of unconditional, sycophantic service to the RSS,” NC Spokesperson said in a statement.

“The new depths to which our Chief Minister is willing to stoop is shocking to say the least. While there is an unprecedented wave of repression in the State especially the Valley, Mufti Sahab has left for Goa on a ‘Sadhbavna Tour’ to be an apologetic drum-beater of the Prime Minister’s new PR mission necessitated after BJP’s humiliating debacle in Bihar. Mufti Sahab’s unending praise of Prime Minister Modi, the RSS and the BJP is in stark contrast to the overwhelming resentment against the BJP and the RSS in the State. His remarks are not representative of the angst and anxiety among the people after incidents of right-wing intolerance are being witnessed throughout the country – particularly those of Dadri and Udhampur,” the NC Spokesperson added.

The NC statement said, “PDP’s close ties with the RSS could have serious and adverse implications for J&K’s peace and stability. Let us all not forget that the abrogation of Article 370 is the avowed mission of the RSS. PDP has not only embraced the RSS but has also provided the right-wing party a political foothold in J&K – India’s only Muslim majority State. Recent brazen expressions of compassion for the RSS by Mufti Sahab have proven beyond any doubt that PDP was in fact an RSS Trojan Horse in J&K.”

“Mufti Sahab could be bending over backwards to flatter the RSS for a variety of personal reasons. There is widespread speculation in the State that Mufti Sahab is trying to get the RSS to attest the mutation of power in favour of his daughter Mehbooba Mufti. There are other speculations which suggest that Mufti Sahab has been employed with the task to become an RSS Pracharak failing which BJP would dislodge him from the CM’s chair. While speculations are diverse, one thing is certain – Mufti Sahab has degraded the institution of the Chief Minister to never seen depths of sycophancy – and that too towards the RSS and the BJP,” the NC statement further said.

“Mufti Sayeed would be best described as a ‘Roaming CM’ who has spent most of his time visiting Bollywood and dining with the social and corporate elite in metropolitan cities. Rather than focusing on dispensing basic governance in J&K and rather than fulfilling the promises made with the people of the State, Mufti Sahab has found his calling of escapism in these tours outside the State – often accompanied by the State’s Finance Minister – who has been an enormous disaster for the State’s economy. There are unprecedented power woes in the State ahead of the approaching winter months, there is a steep rise in inflation and the Government is busy arresting youth across the Valley – further widening the gap of alienation in the State. Rather than focusing on a course-correction in J&K to address widespread anti-incumbency and resentment, Mufti Sahab wants to spend his time on the beaches of Bombay and Goa – this time singing songs in praise of the RSS. What a tragic let down from all that moralistic rhetoric before elections,” the NC Spokesperson added in the statement.

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