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Accepting defeat at the hands of Indian strategists during election time, Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chairman, Mohammad Yasin Malik Thursday alleged PDP patron Mufti Mohammad Sayeed of damaging Article 370 more than anybody else during the Ghulam Mohammad Sadiq’s era.

“Mufti, who is today trying to make the Art 370 an Art of faith, damaged it upto 95 percent when he was a minister in Sadiq’s dispensation,” Malik said during a press conference.

However he said that his party is not bothered about the Article 370. “We are only concerned about the State Subject Act, and if it is touched we will come on roads to protect it with our blood,” he said.

Malik lashed out at Mufti for using Fair View, the erstwhile Papa 2 (the notorious torture centre) as his official residence and said, “once a dreaded interrogation centre holder has no moral authority to talk about the protection of Human Rights.”

JKLF chairman also criticized local media for visiting Mufti’s official residence and “cherish Wazewan” there. “Some of my Indian friends like Tappan Bose and Rahul Bhatia do not even take water at Papa 2 but our local media persons use to visit thrice a year and cherish Wazwan there.”

Malik alleged Muti of helping BJP in Jammu region to divide Muslim vote bank.

“Mufti was enjoying RSS gathering in his Jammu public addresses and it was only to give message to the Muslim vote bank of Jammu that he was relevant in the region,” Malik said.

Separatist leader said that BJP and its strategists had made a plan to terrify Kashmiri people so that they could come out in large numbers to vote. “I salute BJP for making itself a villain for its national cause so that Kashmiris are made to vote in large numbers,” he said. He alleged some media persons and columnists without naming them for “making the BJP plan a success.” He said, “The Indian strategists defeated us in the elections but we will rise again, however when they are defeated at our hands they will not get a second chance.”

Continuing targeting Mufti, Malik alleged that PDP patron was involved in the killings of top Hizbul Mujahideen Commanders. “After he became the chief minister by exploiting pro-freedom sentiment in 2002, Mufti killed top Hizbul Mujahideen Commanders,” Malik said adding “he as the head of the command council was directly involved in the said killings”. It was Mufti, Malik continued, who turned every police station across Kashmir into Task Force Camp after claiming the disbanding of the “infamous force”.

JKLF chairman however made it clear that he is not interested in the government formation. “Our stand is clear, from National Conference to PDP, Congress to communists and independents; all work as the Indian collaborators so it hardly matters who makes the government,” Malik said.

“Now Mufti reportedly advocates dialogue between Neww Delhi and Kashmiris, but we are not kids who can be pleased by mere toys,” Malik said adding “we don’t believe in mere photo sessions.” Pertinently, PDP has made it a point in the CMP with BJP to “engage” Hurriyat Conference in a dialogue process.

Malik also alleged National Conference of “exploiting Kashmiri people for last fifty years on one pretext to another.”

“We will not take part in any election until and unless Kashmir dispute is resolved however, I challenge Mufti and Omar Abdullah to face me in a privately conducted election in Islamabad and Beerwah.”

Malik also alleged that psychological coercion was used in the recently held elections which according to him “led to the higher voter turnout.”


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