Mufti Seeks Decisive Mandate To Solve Kashmir Issue

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Seeking decisive mandate of the people to solve all contentious issues, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) patron Mufti Mohammad Sayeed Thursday said the PDP has created a new space within the democratic system for the resolution of Kashmir issue. “Having emerged as a strong regional force, PDP shall have a crucial role to play in the new democratic discourse to the resolution of vexed Kashmir problem”, Mufti said while addressing an impressive public meeting organized here today in connection with the foundation day celebrations of the party.

“Give us a decisive mandate and we will solve the Kashmir issue by involving all stake holders”, Mufti promised and added that his party has potential to engage main-stream parties as well as other groups, who are outside the mainstream, to evolve a wide-range consensus on the solution of this problem.

While quoting promises made by his party, Mufti said, “PDP being conscious of its public responsibility seeks to re-dedicate itself to redeeming the situation. Restoration of the dignity, honour and safety of the lives of our men, women and children is our foremost concern”.

“Kashmir has emerged as a source of tension and immense political, social and economic problems for entire South Asia. It will be our endeavour to change the complexion of Kashmir by making it as bridge between India and Pakistan for solving all bilateral issues”, he said, adding, PDP with the support of the people will take fresh initiatives to set a new agenda of peace and prosperity in this region.

Terming the coming Assembly elections as historic opportunity to change destiny of the people of Jammu and Kashmir, Mufti said that with the over-whelming support of the masses, PDP would, with fresh resolve and renewed determination, carry forward its mission of resolving Kashmir problem and to provide good governance of the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

“After 2002 elections, PDP had proved how to carry forward, simultaneously, the agenda of peace and reconciliation along with the good governance”, he said and reminded the gathering that PDP had set an example of governance by bringing transparency and accountability in the administration.

While stating that PDP is a force of integration to cement relations of all regions and sub-regions of the state, Mufti said that time has come for reconciling the State’s divergent opinions in a democratic spirit to resolve its political and economic problems. “Inter and intra-State issues and issue of equal opportunities for all regions, communities and sub-regions can be resolved if the problem is approached with an open mind and with a will to move ahead,” he said and added that the PDP’s road offers a comprehensive solution to all the three dimensions of the problem. “It not only outlines the contours of the State’s political empowerment, but also lays a roadmap for its economic emancipation,” he said.

Asserting that PDP has roadmap to solve Kashmir problem, Mufti said that Kashmir issue cannot be put on the backburner and, in the changed scenario, the voice of people of J&K can provide the most valuable input to the efforts at bringing peace to the South Asian region. “We showed that in 2002, by facilitating the peace and reconciliation process in the region while heading the Government in the State,”, he said and added it was all due to the efforts of the PDP that points on LoC were opened for trade and movement. “It is my dream is remove the wall of hatred between India and Pakistan and to make Jammu and Kashmir as an Island of peace in this region”, he said and asserted that PDP was committed to fight for justice and rule of law in Jammu and Kashmir. “With the support of people, PDP would redouble its efforts towards achieving its objective of peace and tranquility in this region.


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