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Seeking mandate to accomplish the unfinished agenda of durable peace and inclusive prosperity for Jammu and Kashmir, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Patron Mufti Mohammad Sayeed Saturday said 2014 would mark a new beginning for the State as winds of change have already set-in.

According to a statement issued to KNS, while addressing impressive election rallies in Islamabad and Devsar assembly segments of IslamabadParliamentary constituency, Mufti said the momentum for change to be laid down in the on-going General Elections would culminate in the State assembly polls to be held later this year.

“Despite getting a very short span of three years in power between 2002 and 2005, PDP set into motion a comprehensive process of economic empowerment and infrastructural development in the State which is to be taken to the logical conclusion,” Mufti said adding the party’s visionary political and economic agenda has made it to emerge as a genuine, strong and credible regional voice of the people of Jammu & Kashmir.

He said PDP has already laid an implementable roadmap for addressing the political and economic issues confronting J&K and the party would translate the same into reality with the support of the people. “We have tried to address all the critical issues confronting J&K in various policy documents including Basic Declaration, Self-Rule proposal, Political & Economic Resolutions, Youth Empowerment Policy, Employment Policy and Election Manifestos,” Mufti said and added that unlike other political parties PDP took tangible steps to follow-up on its promising vision with a clear direction.

“PDP’s agenda is to ensure political, economic, job and social security for the potentially gifted people of the State and we would realize this dream,” he said and added that Jammu & Kashmir is not a place that needs packages and doles, it has to be given the freedom and assistance to realize its immense economic potential.

PDP Patron said there are no limits to the State’s economic potential and in addition to its rich water and mineral resources, the brand name Kashmir has many dimensions – be it tourism, art, handicrafts, forests or agricultural and horticultural products. He said the PDP’s vision of a peaceful, stable and prosperous Jammu & Kashmir outlined in its Self-Rule document is essentially about neutralizing the historical political and economic excesses with the State that were compounded by its natural and political geography.

“When we took over in 2002, PDP-led Coalition Government, not only rekindled a new hope among the State’s distressed, agonized and traumatized masses, but we also devised and started implementing focused politico-economic strategies for the welfare of the State and its people,” he said and added that the signposts of the landmark developmental initiatives set off between 2002 and 2005 are visible in every nook and corner of the State. Accusing National Conference leaders of beating about the bush and indulging in mud-slinging in the absence of any policy and performance to their credit, Mufti said the NC leaders are now crossing all limits of civilized behaviour and decency and their scornful and sinister speeches against PDP only depict their frustration.

Mufti said PDP had become a thorn in the side of NC as it has emerged as the only credible option for the people of the State. He said having suffered for generations at the hands of NC’s unchallenged domination, the people have endorsed PDP’s policies after judging it by its performance. “Having failed to deliver on governance front, Omar Abdullah is now making malevolent disparages against PDP to divert attention from his non-functioning government,” he said and added that it’s strange to note that while Omar Abdullah can smell the strong undercurrent in favour of Narendra Modi, but he seems to be oblivious of the undercurrent against his own non-performing government.

Mufti expressed confidence that the voters would endorse PDP’s policies in greater numbers this time empowering the party as their voice in the Parliament. “PDP had to some extent restored the sanctity of democratic values in the State but it would need a clearer mandate to represent the just concerns and aspirations of the people of Jammu & Kashmir,” he said.


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