Mufti Seeks ‘Partnership of Youth’       

KL Report


Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Patron Mufti Mohammad Sayeed Thursday sought the support of the State’s youth in his party’s enterprise of hope to find a way out, in the future, for JK’s political and economic problems. He said in the days and months to come, PDP will have a critical role to play and a great responsibility to discharge in shaping up a politically stable and economically emancipated Jammu & Kashmir for which it will need the support of the State’s young population more than ever before.

“I reiterate my party’s resolve to offer the State’s young population a greater voice in political decision-making and partnering with them to usher Jammu and Kashmir into a refreshing era of peace, progress and prosperity,” Mufti said while addressing PDP workers convention of Tangmarg Assembly constituency.

Mufti said while through its ‘Youth Development Policy’, PDP has already envisioned a productive role for the State’s youth, it would be further concretized through various practical initiatives. “PDP believes that the youth of Jammu & Kashmir have the right to seek meaningful employment, freedom of expression, participation in decision-making that affects their lives, and protection from socio-economic and political manipulation,” he said and added that the party would strive towards realizing this objective for the State’s emancipated young population.

Mufti said, with this objective in mind, PDP has given mandate to several young politicians for the upcoming Assembly elections, so that they can represent the urges and aspirations of the State’s young population in a more effective manner.

“PDP has a unique correlation with the youth as the party itself is young and growing. We understand and identify better with the problems of our young population as we as a party are ourselves young and growing with them,” he said and added that the youth in Jammu & Kashmir need extraordinary attention as they have been particularly and enormously affected by the negative consequences of the conflict and economic deprivation.

Mufti said in order to avoid further deterioration of the situation for the coming generations the State’s political leadership needs to respect and ensure the rights of its youth. “This requires a determined effort of lending economical, social and political support to the young people, both men and women equally,” he maintained.

Mufti said despite passing through the darkest era of our history, the main source of the State’s confidence is the substantial potential of building upon its young human resource. “Even in the most difficult times, our young boys and girls are doing us proud in whatever field they take a plunge,” he said and added that with three new universities opened in as many years and four additional campuses added to the existing ones and a major initiative of upgrading and expanding the education and technical training, the State is now to some extent poised to catch up with the fast changing educational scenario around us.


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