Mufti The Biggest Turncoat: Kamal



The National Conference lashed out at the largest opposition party, PDP, accusing it of wrong polices and anti Kashmir agenda. “Mufti and Mehbooba today talk about the illusionary document called Self Rule, I want to ask them, what is this self rule? And where was self rule when Mufti was the home minister?” asked the NC Additional General Secretary Dr. Mustafa Kamal.

While addressing a public gathering at Singpora Pattan on Tuesday, Kamal said, “They (PDP) should feel ashamed that with every new party they come out with new slogans to hoodwink the people.” He also said that Mufti is the biggest turn coat as he change faces from one party to another, agendas and polices only to divide people.

In a statement, Kamal added Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is the “enemy No 1 of the people. In the brief period of less than three years from 2000 to 2005, when PDP was in power, the state got only misrule of the worst kind, corruption taking the J&K state on No 2 position after Bihar in the country, sex scandal, forest scam, Amarnath land row, weakening of democratic institution and the killing of scores of innocent people.”


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