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Predicting total extinction of People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in 2014 elections due to its “duplicity and anti-people policies,” Provincial President National Conference Nasir Aslam Wani Monday claimed the process of its degeneration has already begun.

Welcoming renowned social activist, Mufti Mohammad Sayeed’s 40 year old close associate and Provincial Secretary of Peoples democratic party Advocate Nazir Ahmed Lone of Kupwara and his associates in National Conference at a huge workers meeting at the Party Headquarters at Nawai-Subh here this afternoon, Nasir said his joining will reinvigorate the party further, enabling it to achieve the party’s agenda of making Jammu and Kashmir politically vibrant state.

“If close associate of Mufti are leaving him it proves that everyone has understood that PDP is just an illusion only to hoodwink people with emotive and false propaganda” said Nasir

The Provincial President referred to the alleged dubious role of PDP in dividing the people with a sinister objective of weakening National Conference from time to time and said in one manifestation or the other, the power hungry leaders have been intriguing against the Omar Abdullah.

“They have a history of destabilizing democratically elected government and have been trying to do that on every occasion in recent past as well,” alleged Nasir.

“These elements have not given up; they tried their worst after 2008 elections by conspiring against Omar Abdullah,” he claimed.

The NC leader alleged the divisive politics of PDP are detrimental to the growth and prosperity of Jammu and Kashmir. He referred to the difficult situation created by vested interests in 2008 by inciting people on communal and regional basis.

“They again tried to vitiate the situation in 2009 and 2010 by encouraging unrest in the Valley, than again in Kishtawar they tried but failed because of  Omar Abdullah’s administrative and political leadership acumen which was eloquently on display throughout the whole crisis,” he said adding the sagacious leadership of Omar Abdullah frustrated all their designs.

“People are fed up with rhetoric and emotive slogans being raised by PDP leadership,”, he claimed while addressing new entrants adding “I know you all have faith in the leadership of Omar and look towards National Conference with a great deal of hope to steer the state out of the difficult situation. He assured his party will maintain people’s trust.

Speaking on the occasion, Advocate Lone described his joining along with his supporters as a “conscious and well considered decision”, saying the NC is the only party that can and will represent the true aspiration of the people of J&K

Member Parliament Sharif-u-din Shariq was also present and spoke on the occasion.



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