Mufti’s politics extremely dangerous: Geelani

KL Report


Terming the politics of Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed “extremely dangerous” for the Kashmir cause and its people, Hurriyat Conference (G) chairman Syed Ali Geelani Tuesday said “he (Mufti) is a staunch Indian and whatever he is doing is only in the interests of India.”

In a statement to KNS he said, “The PDP is playing political games and the only difference between the PDP and the BJP is in their approach. BJP has an aggressive approach with regarding to the Kashmir and they forcibly want to impose its policies on Kashmir. BJP is openly expressing their stand and we also resist them but Mufti sahib is doing the same in a new way and he wants to express himself as a friend of the people. He is showing sympathy but his intention is exactly the same as of the BJP’s.”

Geelani cited the example of the Mufti’s first comments after taking over as CM in which he had said that “the Hurriyat, militants and Pakistan helped in the conduct of elections.”  “It was a clear political game and the hard reality is that those who called for an election boycott were not even allowed to step out and they were either jailed or house arrested. The statement was aimed at creating confusion. Mufti sahib is holding a powerful chair and why doesn’t he make public the record of the mass crackdown before the election dramas which was launched against the entire pro-freedom leadership and the common youths,” he asked.

“Everybody knows that Pakistan had no interest in the election drama of the state and as far as the Mujahideen are concerned, how could they help in this military operation. Firstly they aren’t many, and those active are everyday fighting and sacrificing their lives and they have nothing to do with the election drama. BJP doesn’t want any pro-freedom person to live and Mufti’s aim is exactly the same but he sugarcoats it,” Geelani alleged.

While citing the example of Masarat Alam’s release, the Hurriyat (G) chairman said, “He was released because there were no further grounds available for his detention. The court had regularly quashed his detention and termed his imprisonment unjustified. If he was now released after so much injustice, how can anybody take credit for it?”

While terming the reaction of BJP and the Centre to the Masarat Alam’s release as an eye-opener, he said, “This hue and cry in the Indian parliament on this issue exposed the truth behind tall claims of Indian democracy and rule of law in J&K. India has no faith in decisions taken by their own courts. We don’t run the courts that ordered Masarat Alam’s release. If you don’t respect the decisions of your own judges and courts and if you don’t want to acknowledge injustice, how can you claim of being a big democracy?”

Geelani said that the change of government will have no bearing on the status of the Kashmir issue. “These governments have changed so many times in the past but the reality of Kashmir dispute is still a Himalayan truth. Until and unless the people of this region are not given the right to self determination, they will continue their struggle at any cost and in any way,” he said.


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