Mumbai attack did irreparable damage to Kashmir cause: Pak diplomat


The 2008 militant attacks in Mumbai have done an irreparable damage to the Kashmir cause and tarnished Pakistan’s image as well, Dawn reported on Tuesday quoting former foreign secretary Riaz Mohammad Khan.

In November 2008, militants carried out 12 coordinated attacks in Mumbai, killing 164 people. The attacks drew widespread global condemnation and India used the attackers’ alleged link to Lashkar-e-Taiba for blaming Pakistan.

Islamabad strongly rejected the Indian claim but the accusation did hurt its image in world capitals.

“Besides tarnishing Pakistan’s image, the attacks also did an irreparable damage to the Kashmir cause,” said Khan while addressing a gathering at the Pakistan Embassy in Washington on Sunday night, the report said.

The former foreign secretary referred to a recent edict by the Imam of Kaaba, saying that “Islam does not allow private individuals and groups” to declare jihad. “It’s only a government that has the authority to declare jihad,” the imam added.

According to the report Pak former foreign secretary said the 2008 attacks tarnished Pakistan’s image.

Khan, who was addressing a Kashmir Day event, said that mistakes of these militant groups could not be used to weaken “the indigenous and legitimate freedom movement” in Kashmir, as “not a single Kashmiri supports the Indian occupation”.

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