My Father Was Ready To Take On With India: Khalida

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Without mentioning the name of Dr Farooq Abdullah, the daughter of Late Shiekh Mohammad Abdullah Saturday said that the person who succeeded his late father put the Kashmir Issue in cold storage as power corrupted him.INDIA KASHMIR ELECTION RALLY

“My father had called GM Shah and others and had called for a General Council meeting to take on with India, however ‘Death’ didn’t give him a chance. Those who succeeded him did not press for the resolution of Kashmir as power corrupted them,” Khalida Shah told reporters in Srinagar during a press conference and added that if Kashmir is not an issue then why UN office was opened here and why Jawahar Lal Nehru approached United Nations.

As per a local news agency, CNS Khalida while defending her late father said that Shiekh Mohammad Abdullah was a visionary leader and he was serious about the resolution of Kashmir issue. “People don’t know under which circumstances my father acceded with India and this was temporary. Kashmir is an issue and it has to be resolved,” she said.

Awami National Conference president Khalida while rejecting the recent statements and interviews given by veteran congress leader Makhan Lal Fotedar regarding the Indira-Abdullah Accord of 1975 said that Fotedar has wrongly projected the said accord as an attestation of the accession of Jammu and Kashmir with the state of India by Late Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah with Indira Gandhi, whereas, in reality this accord actually called for the government of India to call off the undemocratic laws post August 9, 1953 Accord.

Turning back the pages of history Khalida further stated that after Sher-e- Kashmir’s arrest in 1953 the Kashmir Issue got hype and created ripples in the international arena including the nerve centers of big nationalities like the UK and USA and it was in this backdrop only that the Kashmir Conspiracy case was revoked against him. Accordingly, Late Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah was released from the bars and the then PM of India Indhira Gandhi whilst elaborating on the accord stated that all the laws implicated for the state of J&K post 1953 would be reviewed and relooked at and accordingly a committee was also formed to look into the said issue after the 1975 Accord.

She said that Fotedar ought to desist and keep at bay from distorting and manipulating the historical events whilst deliberating on them and should accept in the truest of his spirits and highest of his tenors that Sher-e-Kashmir after the accord whilst accepting the leadership of ruling the government never compromised on the issues of Autonomy and self-dependence and never did away with the agenda.

She further pressed that Fotedar should never let go off his mind and remember always that even when Late Shiekh Muhammad Abdullah got arrested as the Prime Minister of Jammu and Kashmir till then also only three agreements and understandings existed between the GoI and state of J&K viz: foreign affairs, currency and defense and all these equations were changed only after the arrest of Sheikh Sahib on August 9, 1953 including the change in the nomenclatures of Prime Minister and President of J&K as CM and governor of J&K. So in 1975 as per the prevailing law of J&K only the post of CM and not the PM was available for Sher-e-Kashmir. Whereas, Gandhi had commenced the dialogue process for a second accord with Sheikh Sahib in 1972, on the main pretext that the above stated nomenclatures would be reversed to PM and President again.

Khalida while replying to a question said that youth in Kashmir picked up the gun as they find no other alternative to redress their grievances. “Was there any leader from the state who tried to talk to these youth’s? I believe that these youth were forced to pick up the gun,” she said adding that people of Kashmir will never forgive India on the issue of Mohammad Afzal Guroo.

“People usually are scared of those who are alive but India felt scary of a dead person and did not return the body of Azfal to his family. It is disgusting that Afzal was not allowed to meet his family before his execution,” she said.

She alleged that India never wishes that peace should prevail in Kashmir. “During militancy Amarnath Yatra had no threat and now during the times of peace government is claiming that Yatra is under threat. It is nothing but an attempt to defame Kashmiri people who always welcome outsiders,” she said adding that during 2010 Amarnath Agitation, Kashmiri people were made to suffer as High Way was blocked for them.


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