National Leadership Must Respond to Record Participation in Polls: Mehbooba

KL Report


Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) President, Mehbooba Mufti Wednesday said though the people of the Jammu and Kashmir participated overwhelmingly in the assembly elections but the divided nature of the mandate has thrown up a challenge to political leadership in the state as well as the national level.

Addressing media persons after meeting governor, N N Vohra, for discussions about government formation in Jammu and Kashmir, she, however, said this challenge could be converted into an ‘opportunity’ with appropriate response from the national leadership be that of the NDA or Congress, a party statement said.

“While the PDP as the single largest party realizes the anxieties among the people over delay in government formation but the situation caused by the fractured nature of the people’s verdict the party treads cautiously to try and form the government that is able to deliver on political and development fronts,” Mehbooba, according to the statement said.

The PDP Chief said her party is concerned about peace, reconciliation and development and would take a decision on aligning with other political parties only after it feels that the people of all regions of the state feel the change that they voted for.

“According to the expression of support made by the parties like Congress, National Conference and some independent candidates as reported in media, the PDP has the support for forming government from more than 55 members.

“If forming the government and assuming power had been the only objective of the PDP we would have done it within a matter of hours,” she said and added but our concern  is to  constitute  a stable and effective government that is able to meet the serious challenges faced by the state,” the statement further said.

Mehbooba said while the uncertainty over the delay in government formation is understandable but “we believe it is time for the national leadership especially the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, to reach out to the people of Jammu and Kashmir, who have voted in such large numbers in the hope to bring about a change in governance, ending political uncertainty and ultimately convert it into the change in the life of every individual.”

She said the state faces problems of peculiar nature and the PDP would try to explore the “best option” in the circumstances so that the people feel impact of the change in government.

“The PDP if it was able to form a stable government would want the peace building initiatives of Atal Bihari Vajpayee that were interrupted by the outgoing government.”

She said the Congress and National Conference in spite of having a very comfortable majority in the assembly and being part of the UPA at the Centre as well ‘failed to push any of the components of the Vajpayee initiative for six years but the PDP’s idea of forming a government revolves round carrying forward its mission of peace, reconciliation and development.’


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