NC Appeals ECI For Unhindered Continuation Of Rehabilitation

KL Report
National Conference (NC) has appealed the Election Commission of India (ECI) to ensure the smooth and uninhibited continuation of the rehabilitation process for the flood victims by relaxing procedures of code and regulations viz-a-viz the rehabilitation process as liberally as possible. NC Spokesman Junaid Azim Mattu has said that the sufferings and critical needs of flood victims need to be given prime importance till the last flood victim is rehabilitated with utmost dignity and respect.
“There are serious apprehensions and anxiety in the minds of the flood victims that the rehabilitation process will be adversely affected by the electoral process in the State as the time and resources of the Administration will be stretched between addressing the immediate, day-to-day needs of the flood affected on one hand and in the election process on the other hand. This was a reason that we opposed elections at this sensitive and crucial time for the rehabilitation of the flood victims as we didn’t want any efforts to be reduced or de-escalated on this front”, the NC Spokesman said.
The NC Spokesman further said the party would continue to maintain an equal focus on the relief and rehabilitation of the flood victims while campaigning in the run up to the elections. “We need to understand that the needs of the flood victims are needs that have arisen due to a devastating natural calamity and these needs can neither be frozen, nor shelved until elections are over. As a political party we will continue to work day and night for the rehabilitation of our brothers and sisters affected by the floods even while we participate in the elections with an over-arching commitment to the welfare and prosperity of this State and its brave people”, Mattu added.
The NC Spokesman on behalf of the party also appealed to the State Administration to ensure that no flood victims suffers due to a perceived delay in relief and rehabilitation due to the simultaneous electoral activity that the Administration has been tasked with. “The Omar Abdullah Government did a remarkable and noteworthy job in the post-flood relief and rehabilitation of the flood affected areas by ensuring timely de-watering, speedy restoration of electricity, drinking water and sanitation and municipal services in the city while ensuring that not a single life is lost to any water-borne diseases, hunger or deprivation. This feat needs to be sustained and all sincere efforts should be made to continue the good work despite compulsions and constraints due to the forthcoming elections in the State” the NC Spokesman said.
“The dispensation of free ration and relief through other avenues should continue without any change. The Omar Abdullah Government had also announced free medical and diagnostic tests for the people for a period of three months so as to offer a practical, much needed helping hand. The Administration was also invested with the time-bound job of ensuring that the Government Peripheral and Tertiary Care Hospitals, especially those affected in Srinagar are re-equipped with that state-of-the-art machinery that was lost to the floods. Appreciable and critical measures like these should continue without any change in speed and efficacy so that the flood victims do not suffer on any front”, Mattu added.



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