NC biggest beneficiary of conflict, poll boycott in Kashmir: Ansari


Peoples Conference General Secretary Imran Reza Ansari on Monday said that Omar Abdullah by questioning intentions behind new and emerging parties makes us wonder if he thinks Kashmir is his fiefdom, his monarchal right and that nobody else shall come and join the fray.

Quoting Ansari, the spokesman said “Omar Abdullah wants a democracy in which NC is the sole party and it is not surprising. If you look at the record of their MLA’s, they thrive and prosper on people boycotting the polls. They are perhaps the biggest beneficiaries of the conflict and boycott. By ensuring minimal participation in polls, they have shamelessly clung on to seats where barely 5-6% people vote.”

Ansari further added that Omar Abdullah should introspect as to how the rigging of 1987 elections pushed the people of Kashmir away from the mainstream.

“The polling rate in Srinagar in 1987 elections was touching 80% and after the 1987 rigging till date, it is in single digit figures. This is precisely what the NC wants – a low voter turnout.”

Ansari said that NC has a history of accusing its opponents of Delhi’s support and Peoples Conference will challenge their sense of entitlement with all vigour.

“Omar Abdullah wants a single party system democracy in J&K. Whenever a new party comes up he accuses them of being made in Delhi,” he added.


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