NC-Cong alliance symbolises deceit, treachery: Naeem Akhtar

Srinagar: Asserting that Dr Farooq Abdullah and Omar Abdullah were the main reasons behind the mess state was in, Peoples Democratic Party Friday said that the National Conference – Congress alliance symbolises deceit and treachery in Jammu and Kashmir.

“The alliance has always brought miseries and added to the sufferings of people. The history is testimony of the fact that the coalition of the two parties has never done any good for the state of Jammu and Kashmir”, senior party leader and Minister Naeem Akhtar told media persons after attending a poll review meeting here at the party headquarters. The meeting was held under the chairmanship of Minister and senior party leader Imran Raza Ansari to review the ongoing poll campaign for Srinagar-Budgam parliamentary constituency for which Nazir Ahmed Khan has been fielded as party candidate.

Asserting that the leadership of the two parties have understood that they cannot stand alone against Peoples Democratic Party he said, “The two parties are down and out. They are just trying to hoodwink the people with their utterances and political drama as they are fighting the battle for their survival”. This, he said, was not for the first time Dr Abdullah was seeking mandate from this parliamentary constituency. “Infect Dr Farooq and his son Omar have made their political debut from this constituency and made it as a stepping stone for getting ministerial berth in New Delhi. I will be happy to known if the duo can pinpoint a single major intervention they have made in this parliamentary segment which may be seen as their contribution as a public representative in the parliament”.

Responding to a question, Akhtar said, “The moral stand that Dr Farooq Abdullah, the alliance candidate for by-polls, is trying to take on Kashmir today doesn’t stand anywhere because whatever problem Jammu and Kashmir was facing today was the outcome of his party and the Congress handling better part of last 60 years of governance in the state”.

“If we feel that we are disempowered today it is because of their politics and policies. These two parties and the leadership are the real architects and implementers of this”, he said adding that whenever the two came together the main aim was to gain power. “Whenever they formed an alliance they brought miseries and added to the sufferings of general masses”, he said adding “In 1987 the two parties fought the elections together and we are still facing the brunt”.

Again, he said, in 2008 when Omar Abdullah took over the reign of power he is on record to say that that he was receiving the state in much better state than his predecessor did but when he left it in alliance with Congress all the institutions in the state were devastated. “The present unrest among the masses was the outcome of the policies and programmes the two parties followed during their six years of governance since 2008 reversing all achievements made by PDP led government on the political and development fronts”.

“Abdullahas are known for double speak and stands. They oppose dialogue and peace process with Pakistan and instead advocate war when in power and bracket themselves with separatists when they sit in opposition”, he said adding, “They have raising the slogan of ‘Plebiscite’ ‘Aazadi’ and ‘Autonomy’ when they are out of power only as a political trump card to exploit the public sentiments”.

He added that the two parties can’t be separated from the problems in Jammu and Kashmir but have been actually a part of it. “They are the real problem Jammu and Kashmir has been ailing with”, he said adding, “Now they have joined hands again and this doesn’t go well if they come anywhere near success”. The electorates were wise enough to understand the political dichotomy of the two parties; he said adding that the PDP candidates will win both the constituencies with thumping majority.


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