NC-Congress Will Fight 2014 Elections In Alliance: Taj

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Minister for Medical Education, Sports and Youth affairs, Taj Mohiuddin Tuesday said the coalition partners in the state government- Congress and National Conference – will fight the 2014 Assembly elections in the state jointly.

“Fighting elections to the legislative council seats under panchayat quota jointly by the two parties was an experiment and a pre cursor for forming an alliance in 2014 and the thumping victory of the coalition proves that the experiment was successful. Fighting the elections in an alliance will be in the interest of both the parties”, said Taj while talking to KNS.

He said the Congress high command in New Delhi was also in favour of fighting the upcoming elections by the two parties together. “What I know and from what I have understood, the high command is also in favour of an alliance”, he said.

When asked whether he was satisfied with the recent reshuffle in the state cabinet where he had got a not so important portfolio, the minister said, “I am completely satisfied with the reshuffle. I abide by the decision of the high command and the Chief Minister. This is an important portfolio and I will put every effort to bring the healthcare system in the tertiary care institutions back on track like I did with my previous department”.

He said he had been given charge of the department in wake its bad condition and has been asked by the Chief Minister to bring the department and functioning of the hospitals on track “as healthcare is a key department as far as the government is concerned”. Taj said the Chief Minister had told him that he would also have to look after the functioning of the prestigious Sheri Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences in Srinagar. “I will bring back the functioning of the hospitals within next six months and the results will speak for themselves. I shall personally monitor each and every hospital within my ministry’s jurisdiction”, he added.

While confessing that the state Congress was mired in lobbyism, Taj said that the leaders put their differences aside during times. “You would have seen in recent LC elections. Everyone comes together which is a good indication. There may be differences but they should be sorted out within the party”, he added.

While appealing all the leaders of the party to ensure that the internal differences don’t hurt the party, Taj said that former minister G M Saroori had openly defied the party by going public with his grievances. “He should have taken up the issues within the party as congress party is a democratic party and everyone is given a hearing”, he said.

He called upon the leaders of coalition partner National Conference to refrain from making statements which hurt the coalition. “They should instead start preparing for the 2014 elections. People have confidence in us and we should make every effort to come good on their expectations”, he said.

He said the elevation of Rahul Gandhi’s as the Vice President of the Indian National Congress is a good omen for the party which would bridge it with the next generation.

He said the current coalition did not get enough time to show results in the valley owing to 2008-10 unrests in Kashmir. However, he said over past two years the coalition has done a remarkable job and the people would judge them on their performance in the upcoming elections.

Taj rued that certain elements were hell bent upon attacking him personally and tarnishing his image. “My performance right from the time I took charge of whichever ministry has remained such that no body has pointed fingers on it.

However, some people, whom I Know very well are hell bent upon tarnishing my image. I don’t believe in vendetta politics, however, I will take legal recourse against them, which is my right”, the Medical Education Minister said.


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