NC created wedge between Kashmiris and New Delhi

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Accusing the National Conference for creating wedges between people of the state and rest of the country by keeping the nation always in dark about the actual ground realities prevailing in Kashmir and aspirations of people, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) patron Mufti Mohammad Sayeed Thursday said in order to usher in the lasting peace and stability in Kashmir there is need of serious efforts at various levels both within and outside the state and the PDP is going to the national level to involve the parliament and people outside it to build a broad-based consensus on the core political issue.

Addressing various roadside meetings in Pahalgam segment of Islamabad constituency, Mufti said the NC leadership has always misused the mandate it used to get for power and thus not acting as ambassadors of people to make the country aware about the problems in Kashmir and Kashmir problem, which is responsible that we have failed to make any reasonable forward movement to find solution to our problems.

He said had NC acted seriously and helped to bridge gaps between New Delhi and Kashmir, situation would have been different today, but instead it made power its only choice and went on to do historical blunders and sold the interests of the state and its resources.

He said it is with this aim the PDP is going to the parliament not only to give voice to the aspirations of people in Kashmir but make all-out efforts to seriously pursue its agenda of political resolution and for that matter the party will reach out different shades of opinion in the country, which, unfortunately, till now has not been done by NC with the result we have been suffering immensely from last 65 years.

Castigating NC for taking people for granted, Mufti said the forthcoming parliamentary polls offers a historic opportunity to people to understand that if we have to really come out of the present quagmire there is every need to elect the candidates who are serious enough to pursue their case and have a clear agenda to rewrite a new future for Jammu and Kashmir.

He said the NC leadership is utterly frustrated by gauging the popular mood prevailing on the ground which is totally against them as they have badly failed to keep to the promises they had made to people before coming to the power. And now just saying the ‘polls are not about his performance’, Omar Abdullah is failing himself not anyone else and he can’t run away from his share of failures, which as the leader of the UPA in the state he must own up.

Mufti said there is an urge for change in the state and this time the advantage inherent in the situation is that a credible alternative to NC-Congress combine is available in the shape of PDP. He said there is now realization that instead of providing any relief, NC-Congress government has given people unimaginable pain and misery over the last five years.


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