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With the flood threat looming over Kashmir once again, National Conference Monday exhorted upon the government to work on the modalities for construction of small dams along Vaishaw nallah in south Kashmir’s Kulgam district.

In a party statement, Party’s Kashmir spokesperson said, “After September 2014 floods, it was incumbent upon the government to prepare a viable and long term plan to tackle floods and expedite putting these plans into action.”

The spokesperson said, “The delay on part of the government has been criminal and even now there seems to be no intention of putting in efforts to make Kashmir flood-proof.”

“It is tragic that people are being forced to leave behind their homes and livelihoods for fear of floods. Low lying areas of Kulgam district including Aarigatnu, Chamgund, Achthal, Aadijan, Mirhama, Nihama, Chehlan, Brazloo , Kelam Gund, Qaimoh and others are still to recover from the devastation of September 2014 floods, and sans the efforts of government to secure these areas, there is every chance they will be washed away again,” the statement added.

“Construction of small dams along the Vaishaw River is one such option. Besides Vaishaw is responsible for major discharge of water into Jhelum thereby putting Kashmir under the razors edge.”

Vaishaw, a ravaging tributary has turned into a sorrow for all of Kashmir. “Kousarnag spring at Aharbal is the feeding source for the tributary which is primarily responsible for flooding in most south Kashmir villages. Subsequently the same water, as it meets Jhelum at Sangam, further surges it and threatens Srinagar and other areas along its banks,” the spokesperson said.


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